How to fly the gyrocopter | 7 Days To Die

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hello everyone that's gonna be here so

people always ask me how do you flight a

gyrocopter and I realize you know what

this probably video that needs to be

made because there is very wrong ways to

fly the gyrocopter if you've watched my

let's play I've done it only because I

like lowering it like a Mars Lander I

actually kind of find it fun like that

from way up in the air anyway I'm gonna

show you in this video actually how to

drive this thing correctly if you don't

know how because it is a common question

I find in my comments and I've reached

out to a few people and they're like

yeah you know what I could actually use

the video so here we go here's some

gyrocopters for dummies so welcome to

Skippy's do whatever the hell I want

whirling we are gonna go over here and

actually drop our gyro copter down and

go over the basics so once you've

obtained your gyro copter either by

buying it by building it by learning how

to make it by finding schematics

whatever way you got this thing together

the first thing I'm gonna do is hold

down eetu interact with the thing here

we have different options you can drive

it you can open it up to see the insides

we will do that later you can lock it so

that only you can use it you can refuel

it you're gonna want to do that too

right away you could take it pick it up

and put in your pocket because that's

what I like to do you can use a horn or

you can check out the storage so we're

gonna go ahead and check out the storage

here so it has a decent amount of

storage it's actually very reasonable

for the size of the vehicle if you know

what I mean so let's open it up and take

a look at the inside here it'll tell you

everything in the breakdown what you get

is durability here your speed how fast

it goes how much noise it makes for

zombies which doesn't really matter if

you're in the gyrocopter make only noise

you want defense and how many seats it

has and if it's fueled so we're gonna go

ahead and refuel that this is a quick

refill button you just press it once and

it fills it right up so once you've got

this filled up good to go

we don't have any modifiers in this

because there's gonna be a basic

gyrocopter lesson but let's jump in

there and awkwardly stand and hold on to

the wheel anyway so what you're gonna

want to do here we go

now there's directional driving where

you go in the direction that you're

looking and then there is WASD

so that you can drive with your WASD

buttons off obviously so if you want to

go into that mode all you have to do is

press and hold down shift for a few

seconds so once you've done that you'll

notice now I you'll notice to be able to

use the WASD buttons so I recommend just

to kind of fly it around feel feel out

for the sensitivity of it but once

you've got that done you'll want to get

yourself up in the air now this doesn't

work like a helicopter it goes forwards

and up so you got the lift and the

forward on this so you don't have the

straight thrust to go up anyway to go

forward you do this of course press W

you've learned that already and to go

upwards what you're gonna want to do

once you get to a decent speed is press

your spacebar so when you press your

spacebar it'll actually move you upwards

and it's pressure-sensitive so the more

you press your spacebar the faster

you're gonna go upwards so now I've

pressed my spacebar a lot and as you can

see my character is pretty much like

flying straight up almost on an angle

here kind of awkward so what you want to

do to come down from that is actually

press your C button and the C buttons

works the same way the longer you press

it the more extreme that angle is gonna

get so you can kind of just like feather

it right so we're gonna go ahead and

we're gonna land this guy just kind of

by turning around and hitting the ground

softly and you can actually jump out of

your gyro copter even if you're bouncing

up in the air as long as the falls not

gonna hurt you you and the gyro copter

can hit the ground so if you're like me

and you do majestic landings just as

you've served that's the best way to get

out of it I've bounced off quite a few

things so it's pretty easy like that

guys all you have to do is press W go

forward I really recommend pressing the

shift key and locking your Drive so that

it's like driving with the WASD keys

instead of looking because that's

awkward and once you get going get a

little bit speed going press that

spacebar and up you go the other worthy

thing to mention too is that it has a

turbo so if you press the shift button

the left shift button you actually go

quicker but it consumes much more gas

hey what's up dear

dammit I missed it well guys I hope that

helped out is pretty much of no

tutorial as usual if you've liked it hit

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good one




good boy miss boom