Easy Way to Learn to Fly 3D RC Helicopters

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assalamualaikum and greetings alexander

here and welcome to

this little live show it's very hot i

was planning to fly

and practice some of the moves with my

fw 450

gps autopilot helicopter because this

makes it really easy to fly

the other day when i posted the videos

of this my kids flew it

and i was flying it we were flying it in

easy mode you know which makes it

keeps the controls all the way same and

that was my mistake for my kids it was


but for me it wasn't because i am


my orientation the real orientation so

i'm practicing

on the computer and i've set this to

professional mode

so that i can perform some 3d with this


and it will keep the controls just like

the controls have to be when you go


controls go inverted when your normal

controls are normal when your nose in

controls are inverted so

this is going to keep the things safe

now this is

a gps helicopter that means if you make

a mistake just leave the

sticks and it will hold its position

solid right there even if it is inverted

it will hold position solid

uh if you're flying 3d with a non-gps

flight mode

on this one it will not hold its

position but

if you are inverted and you made a


switch to gps and helicopter will hold

its position

you can leave the radio down and say ah


i saved my helicopter and then pick the

helicopter up again

when you your heart stops beating that

facets you know

hello from china thank you very much


daniel from germany so uh

i'm gonna practice flying 3d more of my

3d routines where i

often make mistake this time i will fly

those routine with

gps autopilot fw 450 and if i make a


it will hover and save my day

but um i also want to fly

my beloved alcrc 450 fast a

full fast devil 420 and this one does

not have a gps autopilot

so let me tell you before thank you very

much miles brown

i love that you support my channel thank

you very much

so before we go there i want to say

that learning to fly helicopters 3d

aussie helicopters was really really

very difficult

before this gps helicopter came in

it was really difficult and i can show

you how i used to learn

to fly 3d helicopters and how i practice

my routines

it took me a years of practice to fly

to fly this i mean i have to go

backward it took me years of practice to

inverted hour and more years of practice

to fly backward in with it

my kids 6 years old and 9 years old did

backward inverted and inverted

funnels on their very first ever flights

with the gps helicopter i mean

technology has just changed a lot

and yes let me tell you some people love

scale helicopters we are going to have

a scaled helicopter version coming out

very soon with

the autopilot this gps autopilot stay

tuned for that

so i wish this system was here before

and i didn't have to spend years to do

that but let me show you

if you don't want gps helicopter what


one you have to buy a helicopter prepare


and spend not just days not just

hours not just weeks months year to

learn to fly it properly

and probably do invert it if you want to

do something

faster learn to do it on flight


you want to practice your 3d skills

learn to do it on flight simulators

but now this all you can do on your very

first flight

with this gps helicopter now let's have

some fun

with the traditional way of learning to


3drc helicopters so i have my futaba

14sg here i'm gonna switch the screen

to my computer and

see let's have some fun so this is my


and before when you want to learn to fly

you need to have a real flight now this

is my real flight

and you need to take the most crappy rc


ever in the real flight thank you very


steven spence for your support to my

channel thank you very much i hope you

will learn more

so you have to take the most crappy


then go to simulation and change the

physics to realistic

and custom and make it 120

faster i mean 100 percent is okay 20

faster okay 20 faster so the helicopter

will behave

really fast and then

let's do some crashing and then you can


so this is me learning to fly 3d rc

helicopters sorry i have to move

a little bit to the size oh

oh man this is so fast it is really

difficult to control

there we go inverted now trying to hold

the inverted hover right here

yes i can do it i am doing it

i am really doing it and i'm doing some


rotation which my kid did on their very

first flight with fw 450 gps helicopter

but i'm doing it with manual control

okay let's go normal let's throw the

helicopter around

ah look at that i mean

that could have been really


you know if this was a real helicopter

let's try it again

so here we are going crazy

from the very beginning this is how you

learn to fly rc helicopters

and do 3d sorry i cannot see comments

because i'm trying to focus on the

helicopter right here

see what i'm doing ah crashed again

what i'm doing it took me years of

practice but still i crash

a lot and my kids did that on their very

first flight with the fw

450 helicopter so but

see i wish in real life we could just

reset it like this

but in real life there's no reset

now don't come very close to yourself in

real life there's no reset

in real life it's only your pocket

resets to zero

see i got some skills here right are you

oh so these are my routines that i'm

going to practice

on my alzrc 4 420 fast devil 420

and that's why i'm practicing it

on this helicopter which is a crappy


in real flight oh almost cut the grass

and physics speed is

uh 20 faster so i can

actually practice in real life and i

will feel

my helicopter is slow in real life


i mean really that could have been

hurting so this was the way

you learned to practice rc helicopters

i can give you another view of me doing

this uh practicing with my futaba and

show you

uh you know it took years of learning

and even after practicing

on flight simulators when you went

out you still made mistakes you still

crashed the helicopter

and trust me once you crash the

helicopter it's not just a crash

it's experience that you need to repair

the helicopter

and sometimes after repair is not as

good as the new helicopter

but you need to repair it you need to

buy parts before repair you need to wait

for the parts to arrive you need to

spend time to repair it

you need to redo the flight testing and

that is a lot

you know that is a lot i i had a friend

who was

rich i can tell you was rich he used to

crash rc helicopters every day and buy

parts every day imagine buying parts

about 1000 us dollar to

five thousand us dollar a month he used

to spend buying parts

on rc helicopters spent hours to fix the

rc helicopters

he went bankrupt doing that

so yes that is why

we are loving this thing man we are

loving this thing because

having to have a gps bill mouse here

this thing holds solid and even if

you're flying it in 3d mode

you make a mistake in any stance you

switch to gps

and it's gonna hold this position right

there so today afternoon inshallah i'm

gonna bring this helicopter out again

and what i'm trying to test this time

number one

flight time on 4s 3300 milliamp battery

how long this helicopter will fly not

inverted just normal so we can do

fpv on it you know we're gonna do fpv on


that means the first time i'm gonna fly

fpv with

fw 450 i'm gonna push one kilometer


because if it goes out of range it will

auto return to home and land

so that will be a nice test number two

i'm gonna put a gimbal on it

and do some aerial filming with this

helicopter i'm not worried about going

out of range because

you know it look how to return to home

at length so

three things right five times how long

it flies on a single battery

two perform fpv on it three perform

aerial filming on it four

yes test 3d on it and see what happens

when you lose control and you switch to

gps in any stance see what happens

will it save the helicopter or not we'll

find out obviously it will

and then obviously i'm gonna post a

number of tutorials

with this rc helicopter showing you how

good it is to learn to fly and we'll

show you

routines uh that you can practice uh and


you know to fly i'll see ho cops and

learn to fly 3d walikum islam mr


okay so let me let me just hold on give

me a moment

i'm just going to give you a another

view of my room

just like that okay get closer

sorry sorry let me just

arrange everything so you can see this

and you can see this

right okay let's throw the helicopter

around once again

so it took years of practice you know

for me to do what i do but still you say

i crash

i crash a lot right now i'm holding the

radio very wrong because i'm not

comfortable because i want you to see

the radio

you know so one moment let me see

because i need to keep the radio really


here oh you can still see it all right

no worries

so here we go let me see you can still

see the radio

yes there you go 450 helicopter let's

throw it around more

i'm just trying to get my orientation


so that i can throw my alcrc

fast devil 450 a little bit around


come on don't crash it don't don't don't

crack don't crash

okay let's try to hold an inverted power

without gps it is really

not easy

and this is not it one moment let me add

some wins where's my keyboard let me add

some wings hold on

so control page up shift page up

uh let's add 10 miles per hour wins i'm


okay so i just added 10 miles per hour

winds now you can see helicopter


right after taking off all right and

ah very sorry

would have been really hurting in real

life so now let's try to hold

oh that was vlad's blade scrapping

let's try to hold ah see now i'm having

trouble because i add

winds and gusts in the flight simulator

but a gps helicopter like fw 450

would have hold it for you and

all you need to do is worry about you

know oh sorry you cannot see my radio

worry about your steering it around see

what my sticks are doing i mean

it takes a lot to control and

inverted hover in winds

you have to be focused

totally dedicated totally dedicated

see what i'm talking about this

is learning to fly 3 traditional way but

i need to fly 3d flying 3d rc helicopter

and doing

stunts with gps autopilot fw 450

is simply a piece of cake as i said as

easy as one two three

so i'm gonna bring the camera back here

and i'm gonna turn off the uh flight


that's enough practice for me i'm gonna

do some practice

outdoors one moment let's just turn it

off and

turn off my radio alright so

if you have any questions i'm ready to

answer now

i have already told you that in the next

upcoming flights

with the fw 450 are going to be

flight time testing um flying fpv on

helicopter and doing aerial filming on

the rc helicopter for the very first


and my kids also want to fly more of

this rc helicopter so i let my six years

old and

nine year fly this helicopter even more

and this time i'll give them the


flight mode so that they can practice

and learn the inverted controls because

the controls

definitely go inverted um

after that more stuff coming which is

check this out diatom cube it's just


actually the right before but after the

very first flight

it just exploded in my hand like caught

fire in my hand

because it was running flight one

firmware and that from where probably

was not set properly so motors were

getting hot

everything was getting hot once i flew

it and i landed it somehow

one motor was not working i was testing

why the motor is not working and it

well uh i sent it for repair it's back

and this time it's back with

better flight so i'm gonna fly this as

well but

obviously you have seen my fw 450 that

is the

the focus of videos right now inshallah

i'm going to post more videos i'm going

to give you more

chances to get this amazing helicopter

and learn to fly

get into 3drc helicopter do aerial

filming do fpv have fun

um another thing another thing is

um let me say what was that uh yes

i'm trying to get a new alc rc


they just released a 700 size that thing


huge 700 size rc helicopter the kit

and the electronics probably will cost

me more than 10 000

rmb i don't have that much money but

i'll try to squeeze

some of my own pocket money yes i give

myself pocket money you know

so i'll try to squeeze some pocket money

and get that helicopter

i'm also trying to get a fast devil uh

320 hello

hello how are you i'm also trying to get

the fast devil 320

oh sorry 380 and i have 420 so what i'm

trying to do

is uh once i get the 700 size i'm gonna

put an s1 gps autopilot

uh where is it where is it hold on let

me just try to get it so we will have

that in the view

my god where did i put my beautiful h1

gps autopilot give me a moment hold on

here are you there oh it's right here

oh i was really scared that i lost it no

it's right here this is the h1 gps

autopilot you're looking at it

now let me just pick the helicopter once


because i want to show you that this one

right here sorry one moment oh what


what happened the servo okay see right

here h1

the fw 450 helicopter that you buy

ready to fly and start impressing your

friends on your very first flight by

flying inverted and cutting grass and

doing 3d

this one has a h1 gps

autopilot which is light version

now if you need to put the autopilot

on helicopters other than fw 450

like fast devil like align helicopters


sab heli like you know you need to get

the full version of h1 autopilot because

this has

all the parameters that you can

um i have just replied your comment here

just go check it out so you need to get

this one with

full complete control over all the


so you can set your helicopters right so

that's what i'm going to do

get a helicopter kit i really love big

helicopters so inshallah i'll get a 700

size helicopter

and i'll make a video how to set up h1


on any helicopter and turn it into your


loyal puppy so this is the s1 autopilot

which you can also order online

obviously from our website now

this and many more tutorials like

how to uh set up number one will be how

to set up the

h1 autopilot with uh any rc helicopter

how to use futaba radio or some other

radio controls i'm planning to get a

taranis x light um so any radio control

with h1 autopilot

then number three how to compass


how to solve issues if you're having

oscillations and stuff

um and obviously you know

apply some of the routines with h1


that means learning to fly rc helicopter

video series

i will still post it i was thinking i

will cancel that

flight video series where i will teach

how to fly

three rc helicopters because now we have

the gps autopilot that makes it really

easy for people to fly

rc helicopter but it's still i would

love to post a video series teaching you

what kind of steps you should take step

by step one two three four and and so on

and step by step learn to fly different

routines with your rc helicopter and

obviously h1 gps autopilot

will help you prevent crashing you know

uh so you can you know without spending

too much money without crashing until

then to fly rc helicopters

so that is my upcoming plan for rc

helicopter videos

and uh what's next obviously i'm also

trying to get

i i just learned the the newest

um femi

x8se 2020 version

aerial filming drone or quadcopter has

been released

and inshallah it will come my way very

very soon and they said that this time

the flight time is up to 33 35 minutes

and control range with live hd video

is 10 kilometer impressive

femi x8se this we're going to put that

to a test

for sure we're going to put that to a

test and see if this can really go 10

kilometer or not

the other city is 15 kilometer from

where i fly so

i i don't know i will probably go to

other cities i have to be very careful

because long range is not allowed


so anyway i can bring it to you know

shankan rc airport in the open and test

it so that video is coming very soon as


thank you very much for watching this

little uh video series uh

now i'm preparing my stuff to go out

oh it's hot outside i know it's hot

and now the time is 1pm so i'm gonna say

my uh zohar prayers and yes

happy happy happy eid mubarak idol

fitter to all the muslim around the

world ramadan just finished yesterday

today is mubarak to everybody happy

to every muslim around the world and

even non-muslim please

enjoy and celebrate happy eagle fitter

together with us if you are in lockdown

still we are praying to allah that

this epidemic this pandemic can finish

very very soon and everybody can come

back to

routine life and back to inshallah good


making more money i'm into that

inshallah so

thank you very much uh oh okay so i have

a question here

john jones why is no yeah i did i did a

video on that

telling you why i don't fly long-range

fpv anymore because

officially it's not allowed in china


you cannot do long-range fpv but if

you're outside the city

it is still fine make sure you do not

fly too high

make sure you're not flying in the way

of any airlines

make sure you're not disturbing any

civilian aircraft flights

make sure you're not flying over

sensitive areas

if you flew over a sensitive area with

an aircraft

that has a camera well next flight will

to your home will be free for you you'll

go home

free of cost no no i don't want that to

happen so i fly

long range maximum four to five


outside the city inside the city over

the river i have a safe area

that offers me three to four kilometers


i'm very very happy to do that but the

planes that i'm using

uh can you see them see these three


these three planes can actually go

uh sorry these three planes can actually


70-80 kilometers easily without worries

but anyway

all right late kishore says please start

from how to control

oh it's gone one moment how to control


work and how the hell he flies yes

obviously i'm gonna

give you the very first tutorial uh in


video um yes arsenal stinger

we are shipping i don't know about other

companies we are shipping properly

so kishore yes back to your question uh

when i do the

tutorial videos for how to fly rc

helicopter the first video will be

obviously how the 3d rc helicopter

collective pitch helicopters work

what are the controls and

what do each controls do i'll take fw

450 as an example

and f uh fast level 420 an example and

we'll show you how things go then so

step by step first video is that second

video is your first flight

third video is uh trying different gps

modes in your helicopter fourth video is

is that four i'm i'm

getting old i'm forgetting and the next

i will just say next next video will be

practicing your moves step by step what

should be your next move what should be

your next

stunt what should be the next next next

stunt and so on and obviously how to cut

grass on your very first flight of 3d rc

helicopter and shall i

teach you that very soon i hope you

don't crash this helicopter okay do


that you know controls work differently

you have to be ready to

take the helicopter up really early soon

any other question people if you don't

have your questions i'm gonna say

prayers ask

zohar prayers and then get my stuff


and head out it's hot but i'm going to

head out early

so that i can do all the testing more

testing and bring you more coolest

videos all right thank you very much for

watching stay tuned for more rc videos

coming your way

very very soon

ah before i go rc stinger

um the link to rambler rs let me just

show you

very very quickly rambler artists

okay that fp flying is available from

our dealer in usa

if you cannot order from usa you can

order directly from

us uh this claim aggressor

is still under production it's still

under protection due to

this pandemic some of the companies

couldn't get back to work some of the

material supplies going back to work our

plan was to finish the production of


beautiful beast kind of plain i mean

it's really beautiful

love it was to finish the production end


this month we are trying to catch up

with that

trying to finish it end of this month so

we can ship our first

uh you know first shipment to our usa


race day quads and you can purchase this

beautiful baby

from them easily banggood will also

obviously have

uh you know their stock so

depending on where you want it you will

be able to purchase that

mini talon mini talent yes this plane in

the middle

um my dealer rdq they are also having

um you know the stock of display all


take care thank you very much for

watching this let me say prayers i'm

getting late and

get to flying this afternoon

oops bye-bye everybody