How I Always Fly FIRST CLASS?

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- What's up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV

and this is going to be a bit of a different video.

In this video I'm going to answer the question

that I get asked a lot, and that is,

"Saf, how do you always travel first or business class?"

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All right, so firstly,

why would you want to travel business class?

Well, when you travel as much as I do,

traveling is no longer fun,

especially when you look like this with a beard.

You know what I mean.

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Traveling so much has effects on you,

both physically as well as mentally,

I've really done my back in over the years.

And traveling for work's very different

to when you go on vacation.

You don't really get so much time to adjust.

It's pretty much full on.

So traveling business class just makes

the whole process a little bit easier.

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So, what do you get when traveling first or business class?

Well it varies, but generally speaking you'll get

priority boarding and early check-in.

You'll get lounge access like we have here with food.

And they have baked beans, perfect for breakfast.

And most importantly a lay-flat seat.

Now this varies from airline to airline

and also from plane to plane.

Today I'm flying with United Polaris

on one of their newer planes which has

the pretty decent business class,

but sometimes if you get on one

of the older planes, it's not so great.

But generally speaking, what this allows is

for you to get lots of work done, time is money after all.

And if you do have an overnight flight or something,

then it will allow you to hopefully get some sleep,

so when you do get to your destination,

then you are much more fresh than you would have been

if you were sitting right at the back in economy.

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So, now that you know the what and the why,

let's talk about the how.

To clarify, I don't always travel first or business class,

it's just most of the time.

And before I ever did,

I must have done 100s of economy flights.

Now how do I do it?

Well, there's two main ways.

The first one, to steal a line from my friend Casey Neistat,

"When somebody else is paying, always travel first class."

Okay, okay, I know this is easier said than done,

and it doesn't apply to everybody.

But generally speaking, if a brand really wants

to work with you, and really wants you at their event,

they'll be more than happy to fly you out first class.

What you have to understand is lots of brands have

partnerships with airlines purely because of the amount

of peaks that they buy with them, and for them,

generally it's not that much of a big deal

because they do get business class tickets

at a discounted price.

Now of course, this isn't always the case.

Lots of brands can't fly you business class

and a lot of the times you have to buy your own flights

and for this there's a hack that applies to everybody.

And that's frequent flyer programs.

So in a nutshell, pretty much all airlines will have

a frequent flyer program

where they'll reward frequent flyers.

So the more you fly with them,

the more status that you'll get,

or status as you Americans like to say.

Generally speaking you'll have a bronze,

a silver, a gold, and a platinum.

The higher you are,

the more chances you have of being upgraded.

A lot of the times this can just happen automatically.

If you're on a quiet flight and the airline wants

to reward you because of your loyalty,

then they might just upgrade you.

But if not, then you can generally use

your air miles or points that you've collected

over time to upgrade yourself.

Sometimes you have to pay a small fee,

but that fee is much, much lower than if you were to buy

a business class ticket outright.

Now because I travel so much,

I actually have high status

with a couple of different airlines,

and if I am traveling economy,

I'll generally use my air miles or points to upgrade myself.

So how can you do this?

Well firstly, you do have to travel a lot.

And if you do travel a lot,

my advice would be is to find an airline that you like

and then stick with it.

The more points that you collect with that airline,

the quicker you're going to move up the ranks,

and the more benefits and perks you'll get

with that particular airline.

And that's how I travel business

or first class most of the time.

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This is Saf on SuperSaf TV.

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So loud at an airport, seriously.

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Okay, thank you, bye.

Ah, hotels, hotels, honestly!