How To Inflate Balloons with Helium Like A Pro? 🎈

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so there are two ways we could use him

number one we could buy or rent a tank

from a store like Warren our usual early

20s a convenience or we could bring it

to a local toy store to help them fill

it for you nothing to note if you bring

it to a local pie store Phillip is to

think about transportation because once

it's inflated it gets pretty gigantic

you need to make sure there's no sharp

edges inside the car and there's enough

space for you to transport back so

there's no surprises when your general

tips number one we can only inflate that

with helium no one in two hours before

the pilot starts that's because we want

to make sure that helium stays inside

the balloon securely and that everything

will flow number two is that to inflate

it at 34 inches and stop there because

we want to make sure to avoid accidental

hoping it get open cleaner or if it's

get other in failure we don't want the

sink without enough helium number three

thing to know about is that this episode

is really really strong there are some

cases that you might see through the

balloon but in most cases in business

room lighting day light of the balloon


okay so if there's really strong light

sunlight no worries don't don't have it

we're going saw it so all I have to do

is keep the helium balloon outside for

10 minutes and the mood will start to

oxidize and it will become okay again

it's under very very strong sunlight

outdoors it could have a slight chance

that it is a little bit seized room but

don't worry once it is in the air

outside for 10 minutes it was time to

oxidize and you'll become more velvety

color and it will become opaque so just

be sure you test it out before you

presented to the mummy and daddy to be

so few things we need to get ready it's

obviously the balloon as you can see you

choose black or gold for the cupola you

see that there's a black balloon inside

don't worry

I'll just leave it as it is because the

black balloon is for is to keep the go

political paint once we fill it up and

obviously choose the right color of the

confetti and have the enlasa pay money

because we want tied up easy later and a

measuring tape as well as the task

itself so this traffic at the same time

I painted beforehand in advance we'll

use it later as a tattoo

later to look like this to learn how to

do this quickly and you can check out

the video later so you can do this in a

few minutes so we need to make sure that

we'll stop the balloon inflating at 30

for instance how do we do that to eight

number one is to pull up to test back to

back and measure that space in between

the chance to be 34 inches and as we

fade it just make sure the balloon

scales of space and then stop the second

way to do that is to find someone to

help me out to measure it as we go so

once it hits 34 inches the longest side

rameshan along the side of the balloon

which is here and once it hits a 4

inches we stop right there so without

further ado let's start first step is to

insert the Comerica so in this case

let's go

the key to inflate our inserting content

pieces is that you pick up bit by bit

don't be greedy and do a little bit like

this because of this white neck opening

of the pollutant website it's really

easy to just feel it you don't have to

do too many times and it's really easy

to do this mystery once we put it in

just make sure you shake it a little bit

for the confetti pieces to end up so

once we've finished that without further

ado let's start with a helium tank the

next step is to inflate it with helium

so here assuming that you have a tank at

home and you wanted to do it yourself we

just have to stick the balloon neck as

far as Tuffle into the nozzle and

because of this extra wide opening what

we have to do is just hold it very

tightly zip it here and wrap it around

the nozzle tightly and to keep it that


so that no air comes out when as we fill

in the helium and once we turn the the

valve of the helium tank we can start

filling it with the helium what we need

to do is just pray

said gently and Oh fill and helium and

once your suspect is almost the size

find someone to help you measure the

longest side if it's up to 34 inches and

fitness then we stop right there in this

case what measure this is so I'll stop

right here

make sure when you pull that balloon out

that you keep the balloon net very very

tightly secured and don't let any helium

out as you pull it out so here we have

it it's already trying to pull it up and

away we have the rubber band here so

what we do is after we twist the balloon

mouth for a few times just tie it like

we normally would the hair time best way

is to put the balloon in between you and

a wall that way you'll secure it the

best as we are doing this but for

demonstrations sake I'm doing this in

front of camera so I'm holding it like

this normally

some people might suggest you to tie it

with your hand but after many different


it would create sore fingers so we have

created this solution so this would be

my last loop so there we have it

with the helium or you have brought it

back from the local high school first

step left to do is to attach the tassel

towel to it to make it a little extra

pretty so what we do it is a key made

this tassel all we have to do is create

a loop to tie it to the end of the

balloon now whoops is trying to pull me

up and there have it top hotel giant

balloon brandy to pot the final step to

this is just to prepare safety pin to

your grandfather knew mommy and daddy to

be and you remember all the inflate this

big balloon no more than two hours

before the party with helium because it

will make sure this thing floats whether

high stops and only use the exact amount

of confetti that were provided for you

because it has been measured precisely

to make this float and get your camera's

ready and get hopping three