How to Fill Your Paintball Tank (Compressed Air) | Lone Wolf Paintball Michigan

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hey guys what's going on Tony from one

will paintball today I'm here at our

indoor I'm gonna do a quick video for

you guys out there on how to properly

fill your tank alright guys so today

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a real

quick demonstration on how to properly

fill your compressed air tank once again

this is a video that a lot of people

want to see and a lot of guys here at

our fields both indoor and outdoor a

want to know and be they don't know how

to do it so here we go guys first off

this is my personal tank it's a ninja

it's a 40 500 psi tank I always keep a

nipple cover on my actual tank fill

valve just due to the fact that when

you're out there playing you want to

keep the dirt mud water and debris out

of this fill nipple so when you do go to

fill it you don't have any issues with

your tank or the regulator okay so here

we go guys this is the actual fill valve

or the fill nipple of the tank this is

the quick disconnect you're gonna find

at any of your local field fill stations

so here we go you're gonna pull this

collar back on the actual fill station

whip itself insert your fill valve and

then press this forward so once again

pull the collar back insert that press

this forward and make sure it spins if

this spins you know you're locked on and

it's not going to shoot off on you

alright guys next now that you're all

hooked up and that's the honestly the

hardest part is figuring out how to get

hooked up on here so guys I always watch

both gauges the one on my tank and the

one on the fill station as well because

you never know is my gauge broken or

inaccurate or is this gauge broken or

inaccurate so watch both of them as you

fill so this is a 4,500 PSI tank so do

it and you don't want to jam this lever

forward I don't do a super fill or some

fields call a fast fill that'll actually

put some debris and water inside of your

tank if the actual filters haven't been

cleaned so here we go guys real slow you

hear it gas up and I'm watching both

gauges go up slowly I'm watching the

actual tank gauge and I'm also watching

the gauge in the fill station to make

sure they're either both accurate or if

one's broken then you can hopefully rely

on the other one

so once again this is a 4,500 tank I'm

gonna do a 3000 psi steel tank next just

so you guys know and obviously you can

see the difference between the two this

one's gonna hold more air for you so

right now I'm filling up my tanks are at

about 4,000 3800 so we're gonna release

and that's how you know that the actual

fuel station has released all the air

that's in the whip so now we go back to

here pull your collar off and you are

good to go so lastly guys this is a 3000

steel tank we rent these out of our

fields and a lot of new players out

there have these 3,000 tanks you do not

want to fill these tanks past 3000 if

it's a 3,000 tank so we're gonna hook

that one up pull the collar back slide

your fill valve on make sure it's locked

make sure it spins and once again 3,000

tank you need to know the difference in

what style of tank that you have so

we're gonna fill this one up two three

I'll disconnect and then that'll be a

quick video on how to properly fill your

tank so I release you can hear all the

air go and we're gonna pull that off and

you are full so guys alright and before

I take off guys

this one has an actual handle here and

this one has a push button over here so

whether whatever style at your current

or local field has push the button down

give it a push down or if it's a lever

handle either way that's going to get

what you need and also guys if you

actually have this tank hooked up to

your gun

it's the same process you don't need to

take the tank off the gun you can spin

your tank around or or figure out hey

what angle do I need to hook it right on

up you don't need to take the tank off

your gun to fill the compressed air tank

with a co2 tank you would though once

again just a real quick video on how to

fill your compressed air tank what to do

what not to do watch both gauges don't

overfill your 3000k tank with 4,500 on

accident you'll blow a burst disc so

give the video like subscribe to the

channel if you haven't already and take

it easy guys