🤠 How to Fill your own Propane Tanks

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hello jungle Explorer here and today I

am going to show you how to fill up your

own 20 pound cylinder propane tanks

using your nursing tank this here is not

a normal propane tank like you would

normally have you never really know

whether you have one or not this is

what's called a nursing tank so before

you even think about doing some

something like this you have to make

sure that what you have is a nursing


they were quite common on farms a long

time ago when a lot of tractors and

things were operated off a propane and

the farm would just have a propane tank

big one and they would fill up off of it

you don't see them as common nowadays

but they still are available sometimes

you can pick one up off a Craigslist for

five or six hundred dollars I actually

got this from my local propane company

that I have a contract with that fill me

up they set this for free because I get

their propane so I they came out to put

a propane tank I asked him for a nursing

tank and they gave me one so you know

there's many ways to get one but before

you start you have to have a nursing

tank let me go ahead and take this off

here and what a nursing tank is is that

a here this right here it actually has a

pipe I'm just gonna call it a tube pipe

that goes all the way to the bottom

close to the bottom of of the tank and

it's drawing pure liquid up if you were

to try to draw off the top of the tank

which you would get as vapor and not

liquid and you wouldn't be able to fill

up so you have to be able to draw a pure

liquid so what I have here is a homemade

- made it myself there's a standard

propane to go down a tractor supply buy

you a good gas valve a net normal tube

and one of these you can get this is the

internal kind the kind that goes inside

and then there's the

with a big black knob on it then you put

on the outside tractor supply II didn't

have that kind the day they were sold

out so I got the inside one and what I

want to do here simply is come down here

it's cold today so the pipe is a little

bit hard okay so I'm gonna come down

here now if you get this that's the

internal kind this right here remember

that it's a reverse thread so instead of

going clockwise like you normally would

you actually have to go counterclockwise

so it's a reverse thread or what they

call a left-handed thread and it goes in

counterclockwise okay so me get my

wrench here boys it's hard to think

sometimes about doing things

counterclockwise thread okay so I'm

gonna go ahead and put this in here till

it's nice and tight okay now you might

be thinking why does he have a shutoff

valve right here well let's say that you

had maybe two or three cylinders that

you wanted to fill out well this is

going to get full of liquid when you go

ahead and start filling it up now if the

valve was only up there each time that

you take this off the bottle you would

actually lose all the liquid in this

line so having the valve right here

allows me to shut it off take it out

losing minimal propane right here and

then put it on another one also when you

take it off if this was full of propane

and there was no shutoff valve right

here when you take it off you're gonna

get a lot of propane blowing out and if

you've never seen propane before it's

pretty cold it freezes instantaneously

when it hits air so you know you could

get a little frostbite so this prevents

that having the valve right here now on

a nursing tank it has an open valve so

I'm gonna go ahead just open this valve

oh so now we're drawing propane right

out of the bottom of the tank via the

liquid tube okay now I'm gonna open this

valve right here okay now have propane

going in here

and you can hear it it's filling up it's

cool so you hear it filling up now you

really don't have to worry about over

filling these things in this situation

because there is a bleeder valve right

here and you can actually open that to

release pressure while filling to get

more probate in here but you're actually

gonna lose propane if you open the

bleeder valve and if you use the bleeder

valve then you can actually overfill the

bottle it's kind of difficult to

overfill it when when you don't use the

bleeder valve because the the internal

pressure in here equalizes with the tank

and it just is not gonna get any more in


so the way I do it I'm not actually

filling the bottle up to full capacity

every time I'm probably getting maybe

3/4 of a feel you know and that's okay

because I would rather I can come right

back and fill it up you know I'm I'm not

worried about having to drive to the

store and exchange this so if I only get

half a feel half a tank big whoop tea I

just come back and fill it up it's no

big deal

some people worry about getting a full

feel each time and if you wanted to do

that if you're gonna try to get a full

feel then you actually would need a

scale out here you would need a scale

you would measure that you would put the

tank on you would zero the scale and

then you would feel it till it reached

20 pounds of propane and then you would

turn it off and that would be a full

feel I'm not doing that because I'm not

trying to overfill it I'm not worried

about over filling it because I'm not

using the bleeder valve and since I'm I

can come back any time and refill at my

leisure I don't have to worry about

getting a full fill on I'm just gonna

get it basically you know got some you

know it's about a third field right now

you can when you first turn it on you

can hear it really hear the gas went in

after a while you can't hear it anymore

I can hear it it's just barely and you

hear that I don't know if you can't or

not it's barely audible there's a little

bit of feel it's still going in

you know and I'll wait here close until

I kind of hear it stop and then I'll

turn the valve off and open it up and so

this is how you actually feel one of

these tanks up remember first you must

have a nursing tank that's my what I'm

calling it people were on here call it a

nursing tank they you know in your area

they may call it something else you know

how names go people have a different

name for everything so I'm calling this

a nursing tank it's a tank specifically

designed to allow you to extract propane

from your own big storage tank okay

now you might be wondering how much does

it cost to fill up one of these this way

um I'm paying about $2 a gallon for

propane when I feel this from my company

it holds oh the way I fill it up you

know it's a maybe two and a half three

gallons in there

so consider trading it in at the store I

think the cheapest price around for

trade-in is at Walmart and that's about

16 dollars so I'm roughly filling it up

for one-third the price of Walmart so

really saves on money not to mention the

time and gas it takes to go to the store

to actually exchange that so you're not

even calculated that so so it's really

really a a good way to do this so let me

get down here and we still got a little

bit going in I'm gonna lift on it a

little bit yeah

it's about half full right now and it's

got about ten pounds in it I'm going to

let it go for just a little bit longer

and then I want to take it off because

I've got a motor I need to hook this to

and that'll be my next video is actually

this motor that I'm working on I got

given a old trash pumping and don't have

I even the carburetors broken and the

the gas tank is gone so I'm gonna rig it

to work on propane so here we go

just just showing here if you have any

questions please ask them you know this

is something I've been doing for years

probably five six years now I've been

filling on my own propane cylinders

use them for my grill I use them for my

tractor for my my my lawnmower

for my generators pretty much every

small engine I I have out here on the

farm that the carburetor has gone bad on

I you convert them to propane and they

run just fine

okay I'm gonna go ahead and shut this

off right here

okay flow off I'm gonna turn the tank

off here

okay so that's turned off now I'm gonna

go ahead and and remember this is a

counterclockwise thread or a reverse

thread or a left hand thread lots of

ways to say it so instead of going

counterclockwise - to undo it this way

now to take it off remember this because

this is important you got to go you've

got to turn it like you normally would

do to got me a little leak there alright

and I'm just gonna let this out this

pressure out here okay so now you can

see the benefit of having that lock

there of course my little hoe started

leaking I guess it's because it's cold

and it's rigid in and it won't move so

but anyways you can see how if I didn't

have that there and I and I actually

tried to didn't have the the cut off at

this end when I tried to take it out of

the tank I would have all that propane

and coming out and that would be a risk

so if you make one of these hoses like

this you got to have that valve there

and that will save you a lot of propane

and and some frozen fingers so there we


yeah oh that's that's got about 15

pounds in it so that's how you do it and

I hope this video has been useful to you

and if it has please like it and

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is the jungle Explorer signing out