How To Fill A Bong Properly

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what's up guys this is daddy 7:10 coming

out to you for YouTube today we're

bustin down a little bit of a different

video we're bustin up how to fill up

long video some of y'all out there might

not know how to fill up a bong to get it

to the right perfect draw get

percolation to the maximum and not get a

splashy hit same in this one I'm gonna

go ahead I'll show you guys how to fill

up these two medically bongs I'm a dab

off one and bust some flour off the oven

first comes first will fill up many

medically over here thanks my daily

driver for tree um I did originally

clean these but this is my third time

shooting this one so boom got a little

dirty again sorry about that but i'ma go

ahead I'm gonna show y'all how to fill

up the bomb perfectly triangle that down

first comes first we're going to start

up here with the top part you got the

down stem and you got a perk up here at

our tree perk got two slits defusing per

arm see one set of diffusions right here

one set of the fusions right above it my

water level I'm going to want just a

hair above that second slit take this

cup here take a sip of it first

good go dump that in there then now as

you all can see here I get that a little

closer we are a little bit above that

second slit of diffusion so what I like

to do I just pull this down stem out a

little bit you know give it a slight

puff air into the bong that's just going

to push this water down these perks into

the bottom chamber I'm going to show you

all kind of how that works kind of like

a backward action in the bog next we got

filled this bottom chamber of course got

to have water in there too

that's what work of it

so on the bottom one I love water guys

we're just going to take this down stem

out we're going to be trying to fill up

all these slits of the fusing right

there we're going to go ahead a little

bit of water I always just kind of

guesstimate I it out on the first one

down six gross I need a little more

splash so I'm just going to go one more

splash in there we got perfect bubble

and got plenty of room to milk it up

still and no splash that is absolutely

key me I do not want my bong splashing

water up in my mouth

that is not AC let's just not go over

another rig on that desk over there

I'm not paying attention I got the I

doubt drop down but we're gonna go ahead

we're going to pack up a boat smoking on

some sugar

pushed in it mmm this stuff is awesomely

tasty I'm a bust on a trick for y'all

and I'm gonna get a close-up of this

little note I got so about 3.2 grand ugh

pretty impressive

we'll get a big ol rip packed up

haven't been smoking for a couple hours

so I'm excited for this but go ahead in

got the mini medic Ali set up

I just filled up that water I'm going in

hot perfect I'll be ball grip Cheers

air conditioners cranking y'all this all

that smoke swirling around and [ __ ]

y'all this note oh I actually forgot I

broke the Med yesterday so not quite as

much not a 3.2 now it's probably only a


does the sherbert cush I know I got a

bad close-up camera I got iPhone 4 boom

that is relaxing the flavor on that

absolutely incredible not the most coat

and other weeds but taste wise I'm going

to say almost folks something tasty it's

gonna be one of my favorites chains of

smoke them but y'all can already tell

now we got daddy Mac gallon adds on an

extra 6 inches adds completely full

thick tube here and it's got a nice

capture and a splash guard actually so

yeah it's got a lot more better things

to it make it a little bit of a better

bong a little more expensive but we're

going to go with the same idea on this


get this also eight arm part two slits

of diffusion per arm pull it up

to the perfect amount of water right

above it we're going to do the same

method we're going to pull it down stem

out and that's really cool I really like

that trick I remember what I've learned

it I was a static

setups really working out today probably

because I've tried it so many times but

we're going to do the same thing on this

to know who got downstem out fill it up

with some water fill it up fill it up

our shoulder down skinning this one

bones down a little more fill it up fill

it up all right

I can taste those dabs on that one keep

dabs I've dabbed off a bit but up next

course we got the ice catcher up here so

normally I would have a spoon or

something like you're going straight on

in ice cubes really cool off of it I

like to one of my tips also for using

ice in a bong is that I never like to

just put a regular ice cube in here I

always fill up my cup of water first

not all of it and then use more a little

bit melted ice cubes for filling that up

but I just do that because it actually

you can compact more in here rather than

just I would normally be able to fit

three on Moffit ice cubes we got eight

half ice cubes in here just really cool

it off throw this banger in here

go in on dad

tapping on some of this oh gee shattered

they only dabble got with me I left my

oil over at a buddy's house but that's

alright and then I just picked it up I

picked it up and left it there all at

the same time but that's alright I'm

looking forward to this

I absolutely incredibly love this medic

ally loved a bit out of it just delivers

a huge hit gets really deep into your

lungs just really gets you stoned

don't even know if I can rip combination

head off this just because of how long

it takes to pool the smoke all the way

through but we're going to try of course

to move combo because it's definitely

7/10 so I move back a little more in

here heat up this now see what we can do

but I hope for those who don't know how

to fill up a bong every day like me

dismissal net but I hope this video

helped you along kind of educated you a

little bit you do your bong fill it up

right and really just enjoy smoking but

if you all enjoyed make sure you give it

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super cool I appreciate that guys

absolutely make it leeway

so this is just a little bit something

different I'm gonna be throwing this one

up in the glass specials playlist just

because it's a little bit about glass

we've got some box off here both drop

balance I'm not going to be setting up

but this one is just really chill video

kinda chill chill educational video try

to combat

that was a bit okay guys I hope you

enjoy make sure you give it a thumbs up