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everyone welcome back to my channel if

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in this video I'm going to show you what

the 23andme DNA testing kit is like what

it looks like how to do the test and

then I'll do a separate video on my

actual results Christmas my husband

bought me the 23andme DNA test kit and

this is what it looks like so it comes

in a box like this and you can write a

personalized message and he just said

Merry Christmas I love you so I'm going

to open it up and show you what it looks

like and how it should do the test so

I'm actually gonna do it with you so I

wanted to film this because I might be

of interest to you and it might be

something that you may want to do in the


I am absolutely I'm just very passionate

about health and you know looking back

in the past and ancestry finding out

about my grandparents my

great-grandparents and just the whole

family tree and so he knew that and

that's why he got me this for Christmas

so this is what the box looks like once

you open it up so as you can see has the

23andme welcome to you and so this is a

saliva collection kit so what you have

in here is you're going to I'm going to

be giving us a saliva sample and then

sending it back to the lab and they're

gonna send me back a report which I'll

again like I said I'll do a separate

video on kit that I got you can get two

separate kits you can get one where it's

just the ancestry service so it looks at

your ancestry and then you have one that

is health and ancestry so that's the one

that I got so for me to get the results

it usually takes anywhere between six to

eight weeks for me to get the report

back so I'll be doing an update video in

that timeframe what I will be learning

about I'm gonna just read it off the

website here so I'm gonna be learning

about my genetic health risk report so I

began Jeanette a genetic health risk

report so I'll learn how genetics can

influence my risk for

certain diseases ancestry so discover

where your DNA is from out of 31

populations worldwide so I'll be able to

see what what is in my DNA

so I also get wellness reports learn how

your genes play a role in your

well-being and lifestyle choices I carry

your status report if you are starting a

family find out if you are carrier for

inherited condition that could affect

your children and then the traits report

learn how your DNA influences your

facial features taste smell and other

traits so I am really curious to see

what comes up on my reports I know some

people don't want to do it because they

don't want to find out any possible

health issues or health risks that sort

of thing but I just absolutely loved

learning about this and so I'm very very

excited to get the results and see what

actually shows up on these reports so

you get five different categories with

the one that I have this is what comes

in the box so you get this green card

and it says hi let's get started

and then you have the actual kit itself

here which I'll open up and show you so

the first thing you want to do when you

get your 23andme kit is you want to open

this green card and what it says is we

are excited for you for you to begin

this journey and we want you to know we

are here to help

where there's questions about our

service or how to get started we have

resources available so they leave their

phone number and website in case you

have trouble and the first thing that

you want to do is you want to register

your kit so before you open anything

else you want to go to 23andme DCA

/ start then you're gonna go through

some steps and some questions and then

at the end it took me about 2 to 3

minutes it didn't take very long but at

the end you're gonna get a 14 digit

barcode and it's really important to

write this 14 digit on the back of this

green car

so I did that already and I wrote down

the code on the back so I have my kit

registered and you'll get an email

confirmation saying that your kid has

been registered and you're now ready to

start doing the sample testing so okay

so register the kit so again it just

kind of reminds you to make sure you

don't forget that you can't have any

food or drinks 30 minutes prior to doing

the test so if you had a snack or if you

had a meal or even water or anything you

can't have that 30 minutes before doing

the test what what what I'm going to do

is I'm going to open this up and I'll

show you so here's the empty box and

this is what the testing kit looks like

so it's not very big what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna spit to the fill line in

here which I'll demonstrate then I'm

gonna close the funnel detach the funnel

seal it in the bag and then ship it back

so let me open this up to show you what

you actually get in your testing kit so

again these are just the registration

instructions again really important to

do that before you start now what you

have in here is you have the plastic

container where you're actually going to

be spinning your saliva and you want to

so let me open this up actually there's

like a little there's a little funnel in

here so after you spit it will slowly

come down to the bottom of the testing

kit so this is the fill line so you want

to leave this much saliva in the testing

kit so about half an inch of saliva so

you really want to make sure that you

have it

you're really accumulating it in your

mouth and you're spitting so so this is

what comes with the kit then you have

your your lid so there's a lid that

you're gonna screw back on and then you

also have

this bag here so biospecimen bag so what

we're gonna do after we perform the test

you're going to place the tube with

small cap in the bag

peel off blue liner and seal by pressing

down on the blue line so it even shows

you an image you don't want to put the

test the testing kit the way it is

already you want to take the main cap

off and put the lid on so it looks like

this and then all you're going to do is

you're going to put it in here and seal

it I'm going to do now is I'm going to

show you how to do the actual test okay

so now I'm actually going to do the test

so here we go so I'm going to leave this

much saliva

so I filled the saliva to this line next

all you're going to do is you're going

to take the cap and you're going to

press it down and you're gonna see that

the there's gonna be some liquid that's

going to kind of go in with the saliva I

know a few guys I don't know if you saw

that but there was a bit of liquid at

the top of the cap and what happens is

when you close it it all comes in and

mixes in with your saliva next what

you're going to do is you're going to

take this piece of the cap off so you're

gonna take this out and then the kit

comes with another cap which you're

going to screw on like this make sure

it's nice and tight okay next then

you're gonna take the bag that comes

with the kit and place the tube with

small cap in the bag so you're gonna

place this in the bag like this peel off

blue liner and seal by pressing down on

blue line so next we're gonna take the

blue seal off and all you're gonna do is

you're going to simply seal it so it's

nice and sealed then you're gonna take

the box that the kit then you're gonna

take the box that the kit came with and

you'll see on the back it already has a

pre-made sticker to send back in the

mail so you don't have to pay for

shipping or anything you're gonna place

your saliva kit in back in the box

you're gonna close close the box now

you'll see at the end here there's a

another sticker that you want to peel

off to make sure that the box is sealed

when you send it back out so I'm going

to take the sticker off and make sure

those flaps are in and all you're gonna

do is make sure the both flaps are in

and then just seal it and there you go

and that's it and all you're gonna do is

you're gonna put this in the mailbox now

what you're gonna do is you want to make

sure that you put your name and address

on the back of the box and also you want

to take a photo of this number because

that will be your tracking number and

that's it all I'm going to do is I'm

going to wait six to eight weeks and I

should be getting a report back with

everything that I talked about and I

will definitely have a separate video to

share what the final results were hope

you enjoyed this video if you have done

the 23andme DNA test kit please share

your comments below let me know what you

thought of it even if you did it and you

got your result so what did you think of

your results what did you think of the

whole process was it worth it if you

haven't tried it and you have any other

questions leave a comment below I love

reading and responding to your comments

thank you so much for watching don't

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