How to file your own IRS 2290 highway use tax. Step by step instructions.

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everybody welcome back to another

business of trucking video 2290 time is

upon us again it's time to file you can

you can begin filing now and I suggest

you file early this year just with

everything going on I guess you never

know how long it's going to take people

to get to these things the who knows so

I'm filing right away so that I can get

my copy back in sufficient time now I'm

going to show you how it's walk you

through step by step how to do this for

yourself it's fairly simple there's

really no reason to hire somebody else

to do it some of these permit companies

I've seen them a typical charge is $75

to fill this out for you and there's

really no reason to pay that much it's

it's actually a very simple form and you

can do it yourself as of right now

they're not taking any debit card or

electronic checks until next year I'm

not sure why so you have to fill the

forms out send them in by mail and they

will stamp it and send you a copy back

and that's the copy you need to provide

to the to the DMV to get your license

plate issued in most states in some

states they just look it up

electronically but in my state you have

to send the DMV a copy

pardon my voice today it's a little bit

weak my voice is a little bit hoarse so

I'll try to talk a little louder and

we'll get through this so right now I'm

just going to flip the computer screen

here and we'll fill out a sample one out

it's the real form it's the same one you

send it I'm just gonna put some some

made-up information in there and then

when we have it all filled out we're

gonna print it out I'll show you what to

do with it

okay so here we're gonna start right at

the IRS website you can see here

go down here click on form 2290 highway

vehicle use tax and then if you want to

print out some instructions before you

start I suggest you print out

instructions and read them over or just

read them on the screen we're right here

tax here it's 20/20 instructions for

form 20 to 90 you click on that you if

you print the instructions out you can

refer to them

as you're filling out the form if you'd

like to but we're just going to go back

here and we're gonna just click on the

form tax your 20/20 form 20 to 90 so

we'll start up here this is just some

basic instructions here they've

suspended the ability for tax payers to

pay the tax due on Form 20 to 90 using a

credit card or debit card so or

electronic tricks so what you'll have to

do is is send it in the mail with a

paper check so and here it is again this

instructions in Spanish you'll see some

of these pages here intentionally left

blank don't worry about that

here let me blow this up for us here all

right should be able to see that good so

let's start here with our name we're

gonna do bob's truckin okay and then

over here

your employer ID number we're just gonna

make something up 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ok

now this is gonna be the owner of the

truck ok if your leased to a company but

you know the trucks all fill in your

name your company may do this for you if

they're gonna charge you I'd ask you

know be sure otherwise say hey can I

just fill it out and and get you a copy

of it or if you're on a lease purchase

say you're on a lease purchase from

prime or whatever that truck is probably

still in Prime's name and they're gonna

probably handle all this and this 2290

is probably going to be filed in in

their name because the truck is probably

titled in their name so before you

proceed with this definitely look into

that see what your obligations are if

you have to do this or if they take care

of all of it most cases you know if you

own the truck and you're just leased to

a carrier this will be in your name and

you will provide them a copy but just

verify everything with your carrier so

here if we're address we've got 1 2 3

Main Street

a city-state town all right just do Los

Angeles then California I don't know

their zip code out there but I know

there was a TV show nine oh two one oh

and that's somewhere out in California

there so we're all done with this

section here all right check if I have

lickable if this is an address change

this is an amended return if you have

submitted one you screwed up in here you

know you need to change your taxable

gross vehicle weight or there's a

mistake with a suspended vehicle if you

screwed up the VIN number or if this is

your final return and you no longer have

taxable vehicles to report like if

you're going out of business or or just

took everything off the road or

permanently or whatever so we don't have

known that we're just for the purposes

of this return we're just going to

assume we got one truck

we're just renewing redoing a 2290 for

one year we don't have any suspended

vehicles things like that but we'll

touch on that when we get to it okay so

now we're here at figuring the tax we

kind of got to jump around on this form

a little bit they should have put this

in order a little better so the first

question was the vehicle reported on

this return used on public highways

during July of 2020 if yes enter 20 2007

so that'd be 2020 and oh seven for the

month of July if no you go to the table

three and the instructions there's

another reason to look at the

instructions and it'll say you'll have a

table on there

I'll show you like if you didn't start

until August this truck isn't going to

be put on their own until August your

rate of tax gets reduced by forty some

dollars or whatever so then you're gonna

use that number but first before we can

complete any more of this section here

we have to determine our tax so we have

to scroll down here to tax computation

right here okay so we need to look at

this is gonna be our categories here so

we have to figure out our weight if

we're fifty five thousand pounds fifty

three thousand two fifty six okay

most of us over the road trucks here are

going to be category V let me see if I

can highlight there right there category

V over seventy five thousand pounds oh

this is your total loaded capacity

weight so ours is eighty thousand pounds

all right and we are category a here

vehicles except for logging we're not

logging vehicles so our tax is going to

be five hundred and fifty dollars if you

are a logging vehicle then you go to

category B right here and you're gonna

be four hundred and twelve dollars but

for us it's right now it's five hundred

and fifty so did we have a partial tax

period is it a case where you're you

know not putting it on the road until

after July or August September then you

go to that you're that tax table on the

instructions and you look it up it'll

say August this amount September this

amount so then you would put that here

all right you're partial period text but

we're doing the full year here so we're

gonna go over here the number of

vehicles and we're gonna put in one we

have one vehicle we're not a logging

vehicle we're just gonna do vehicles

except logging okay and the amount of

our tax is gonna be $550 let's type that

in there alright so now we know our tax

let's go back up to where we were

remember we just put this in here 20


so now tax enter total from form 20 to

90 page 2 column 4 which is right here

where we were just that see page 2

column four right here's our number so

we need to go back up here oops

enter that number five fifty there's

already a decimal point there so put

that in additional tax from increase in

taxable gross weight okay well that was

from right here if we were doing an

amended return and we had something to

add in there we don't so we're just

gonna leave that blank total tax that

comes from adding this line to in line


so line for our total tax is going to be

five hundred fifty point zero zero

credits we're not gonna we're not

applying for any refunds of any vehicles

we took off the road or anything we're

just gonna do a zero there so balance do

is five hundred fifty dollars now if you

do have you can get credits for partial

years like if you take a vehicle off the

road or what have you there's a section

on here for that okay this next section

here is if you're suspending a vehicle

so you put a vehicle on the road you

intend to keep it on the road but for

some reason you end up selling it or

crash it or you take it off the road

turn it into an agricultural vehicle

something like that so you can read all

these reasons right here for whatever

reason and you can declare suspension

for that vehicle which one then you

would be eligible to file to get some of

that money back if it's temporary or

permanent whatever you have to put the

VIN number in here things like that

we're not doing any of that

so then down here third-party designee

do you want to allow them to discuss

this return with anybody else like your

spouse or your accountant your carrier

whoever you if you want to give them

permission and then their phone number

and then a pin number here for that

person if you're filling this out for

yourself after you print it out you need

to sign right here this section and date

it right here we can just type in our

our name you'd be Bob Jones and then a

telephone number

oops five five five one two one one two

one two how about that sounds like a

good telephone number for a TV show if

you're having a paid preparer do this

this section is for them they need to

provide all their information alright so

down here this is our tax computation

page remember we already did that

however we need to add a total in here

it says I had the number of vehicles and

columns 3a and 3b which would be right


alright enter the total here this should

be the same total of taxable vehicles

shown on schedule one so your total

dollar amount goes here and your total

number of vehicles goes right here okay

and then if you have any vehicles that

you're suspending remember put that here

your total number

and then we need to go down to the next

page here need to once again enter our


our tax ID number here then right here

we need to do our address again city and

state and zipcode month of first use now

this is going to be the same date as

what we put up here 20 2007 whatever

number you put up there also goes down

here and if you question that see the

instructions right here we need to put

in our VIN number so we're going to make

something up here


X a and this is important to get this

right you should all have no typos on

this form you don't want to create a

mess with the government and then here

the category which remember back up here

we were lying V or category V over

75,000 pounds so right here our category

is V and this is our VIN number if you

have more than one vehicle that you're

filing in you just go down the list here

and keep adding them in okay our total

number of reported vehicles just gonna

be one number of vehicles on which tax

is suspended we don't have any our total

number of vehicles oops wrong line there

is one okay

so let's scroll down here's another

blank page this page is going to be

identical to the last one let's fill

this in quick

once again make sure you copy everything


and I know to 100k there we go

month the first use once again that's

gonna be 20 2007 let's just verify that

that's what we put up here in this last

one that is correct all right

and then our VIN number once again copy

it identically alright and then once

again our category is still category V

if you have a different category I'm not

you know make sure you go back to the

table here and check what you filed on

make sure you have the proper weight

class ok back down here we just filled

that out once again we're gonna have one

we don't have any suspended vehicles and

then total number of taxable vehicles

why does it keep doing that is also one

or two or three however many you have

another blank page consent to disclosure

of tax information this is voluntary I

don't fill it out and send it in you can

if you want this is just to allow them

to share your information with everybody

under the Sun that you probably don't

want to have it we're just gonna type a

name in here if you want to do it you

gotta put your name there your tax ID

number whoops

skip down on us we're not ready to go

there yet tax ID number all right and

then after you print it you need to sign

here date here okay here's our payment


make sure to fill this out properly

employer ID number this is your tax ID

number once again alright and then enter

date as shown on line one of form 2290

that's going to be the 20 2007 again if

you put it on the road in July otherwise

this date will be different here our

amount is $550 oops and zero cents we

got to put our name in here stick around

here because I need to show you what to

do with these forms one two three oops

sorry I'm not a the best typer in the


Main Street Los Angeles California

902 oh no I think that's Beverly Hills I

think that TV show was with the 902 103

zip code okay I think we got everything

so we're gonna print this baby out and

I'll show you what to do with it

okay here's the printed out form page by

page I'll tell you what to do with it

this is that instructions page you can

throw that in the garbage this is one of

those pages that says intentionally left

blank I could go in the garbage this is

the first page here you need to sign

down here where it says sign here okay

where you printed your name on the

computer so sign that one put that aside

you got this is the tax computation

table you need to keep that one and you

got schedule the vehicles right here you

need to keep that one

here's neither one of those

intentionally left blank pages throw

that one in the garbage

here's another schedule of vehicles need

to keep that one now they're

intentionally left blank throw that one

in the garbage here's that consent to

disclosure send it if you want to throw

it in the garbage if you don't this is

our payment voucher this is the last

page so there's a line here cut on that

line see if I can do this without



the bottom half keep that put that in

the keep pile the top half take that

this is the pilot said throw in the

garbage throw it in the garbage

all right now you need to you don't get

to see my check here but you follow the

instructions right here it says make it

out to the United States Treasury okay

here's the mailing edges right here it

says send 2290 this voucher and payment

to Internal Revenue surface service P o

box 932 500 Louisville Kentucky 402 9 3

- 2,500 right on your check your EIN

number which is your tax ID number that

you used on the form also right on their

form 2290 v you could also write on

there the year if you want to 2020 at

least write that much on your check and

you take all of these ones here that I

said to keep your voucher and your check

you put them in an envelope

do not staple these papers together do

not they may throw it in the trash I get

pissed when you do that you may need

more than one stamp this is several


I always put two on there just for

insurance that it gets there with no

problem so here's your envelope sticker

in the mail okay now before you do that

make copies of all these ones you filled

out for yourself and put them in your

file so that you have a copy in case

something happens to it there so that's

really all you got to do that's not so

bad is it

so don't pay somebody I mean I've seen

these things people charge up to 150

dollars to fill out this form for you

from some of these online agencies and

stuff don't don't pay them once again

this is part of running your business it

takes you a whole 15 minutes and saves

you a little bit of money and then you

know how to do it every year and once

you become familiar with these forms you

can if you take a vehicle off the road

you can file for your own suspension and

refund their pay a partial year if you

buy up truck in the middle of the year

however you want to do it so thanks for


give me that thumbs up and subscribe and

we'll see you next time