how to fill your jamb Registration form

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oh hi French oh I'm about to show you

how you can feel your jump from

resolution foam goon and clean without

animistic because a lot of people made a

little mistake last year I have a vision

on the out

genre official form which is not your

fault because this will really since so

long we can guide them how to feed

inform before the house is well appoint

the victim of that may be a mystic with

your own name or a mystic with your

little bed and mystic with your

institution in Mississippi of memory

substitute the Mississippi to disability

or anything going missing with your

passport but I got to show you how you

can fill the form perfectly without no

error to complete up to start with in

your thumbnail as you can see here we

also name bracket family name your son

them simply means your last name which

is the name of your father which is will

be there on a little bit then we have

the middle name the milliner means your

name which is given to you out of the

Christmas and your first name is origin

to because with your name you'll be a

scoop your name your threshold you which

is the first name now we are going to

focus on name on the middle of the first

name now let's put the great gift of bet

you put exactly this of death of your

way there is no fortune in jump

recession from because to put this of a

white cause where you got will screening

in the school your inspiration is used

because project your dumb registration

Papa and why a critical for makes so

thatís while caps be carefully to say

your tip of death of your certificate

which is maybe the day dies they with a

is there a 3/4 it's on the mall that

much made January down the year which is

1991-1993 or whatever then the sex

XCX we can assess did I are you a male

or a female you put it here there's this

ability the subjects disability simply

means maybe you are on the cup or maybe

you are blind or maybe you are

physically not fit or maybe have any

challenges in your body you got to put

this they're both stiff you don't have

anything you're puttin on em for and II

know their marital status simply means

maybe your marriage or divorce or single

single or married or divorced you put it

yet if you're single you put a single if

you're marketing for the marriage

because I want people to understand so

your folks are address your postal

address simply means they address where

you stay

this is a lot of mistakes people make

mistake this is the address where you

say is your FAFSA address that make a

living where your purchase living where

you say that what they call your pasta

other you see your pasta address then

then we are the address towns I just

found simply with the stop it now I'm

saying uh Sam

now I've seen that song go for it son

and then the town is about that is

llevado as Isis players pyramid in Abuja

you put your town we are seen in River

City put the cow into Kakaako when you

are saying in energize the city of

Thames which is a ton of the face then

we hope to have the country and the

state that you could stay still as the

country reverses like Nigeria legal

clash Nigeria vs. Nigeria or whatever we

have seen among Nigeria then we are the

email now it's of the specific out that

all user all candidates to have a

activity male because the female is

really a racist and oil disease we are

going to send everything above you and

we are you are going to be validated

this female is very crucial is a divisor

so you need a email that is active so

you put your image we add Jimmy B's as

Yahoo may be it oppose me don't make a

provision of evening which is acid they

are mobile number it is your phone

number to put a photo model is well

recognized as athletes your phone on

buzzer some of the road tourism or any

kind is a lot now empty and anyway are

using you put it there

then we have nationality the generously

means simply means I did Nigerians why a

current as a guy a Egyptian or anything

you are wearing the indigo you put your

Nigeria you put the Nigeria there then

we also state of origin the state very

well from the city of photo from the

other world are talking about is not a

city of living human is even a reverse

it is wrong if I don't invest even in a

burden I have from legal immigrants even

in equality and you are from the


to the city from that worry called the

state of origin

down go go go Matthew from that look

already came from nobody called in local

called alg a local government area that

is your local goodness with a few get

down recessed it off as up where you

want to write your jump that wasn't me

resisted of Assam simply means where you

want to write your jump the space you

want to write it be here reverses the

bandwidth be quadratic anybody want to

write your exam you're the sixth year

and the town of the place you want to

write the exam if it is reversed it

equitable place unlimited vertical a to

talk about the Sun so that is everything

about your personal personal information

and now we are going to the crucial area

that we need to explain the economy

absolute that we are one choice can also

be college of education university

innovation in surprises institution or

polytechnic NDA of nigeria de Vence

academic on enjoyable if academic so

what is the system is simply means we

are talking about the most risk a choice

which is your degree ND or NCE that is

you got to put maybe your investing even

a godsend investing you have to put

investor may also attend diversity of

what support I got to put these

universities for suckers and I want to

really cause called geology and as a

police horse on the VMS so now you got

to understand everything they are trying

to show you in this place because a very

pressure of the revisers the let's go to

the second page

paragraphs we have the most frequent

Institute Leah ended up the National

Diploma we go to on the Sam waters means

I have already choose your degree this

is the motion of the plume of this is

there before the technique that is close

number two you got to leave it it will

technically be technical a butter on top

of the technique of Prosecco or to the

technique of other state groups make

sure that the Polytechnic is fixed in

this second paragraph and they cost

Avant to regale so let's go to the top

most preferred choice which is your NCE

your college of education you got to put

your edge of education on the top we

want to study there how now we have the

last one which is i TI innovative

enterprises insufficient lovely in the

visions of bodies vision our institution

with a serious cost may be partaker

those people cannot sit boils are the

some certificate courses those are the

sample of innovative institution now we

like to take option of mock the mock

exam is not composite it may be the

first time your fans in jump and try to

suffice your brain

you gotta take it or you don't want to

take in mock exam simply means the same

thing of a citizen training so if you

like to take it to say it if you guys

don't want to take it to say no so then

the country or both level your own level

is your whack or your left

your whole level if your wife or your

necklace so you can also fill two

results you can combine your result by

checking the why you failed and replaces

my past so I want to come by my result

for instance maybe and half f9 much

muscle wife and I have c6 and Nico

output at number one this is cotton

office and I will leave it at the top

yet as YX / neck and Sufis great which

is the CCS or D or E or f9 or anything

God we have to put it there

2:15 allow maximum size you want to

change then you can't really see on the

subject the subject you want to partake

if you are reading more you know the

subject you need which we are reading

doctor in the subject you need if you

are reading anything you want to do you

know forget to pay for it so maybe also

go for doctor I got the food English

compose with species number two

chemistry number three and Balaji number


so that is all about Alex inferior form

it has no error and without no mistake

thank you for watching this video and

subscribe more bye