How to add or change Hydraulic fluid on Floor Jack

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hi guys today I will show you how to ask

more hydraulic flows on your check floor

jack some Khaleda right so this one see

the hydraulic track oils and usually for

flour track or some Caltech but don't

use on hydraulic top rack and car on

train missions

hydraulic so don't use it on these four

floor track all right okay here we go

this model so we are looking for the

drop bar usually in the bottle so this

is my model over and you see that

dropper right here so if you don't as

rule I did this robot you just put up

some model as I pull up my model so I

used to also remove it before you do

this you have to release the power bus

is right here so depending what model

you have had a release plus alright then

remove is

yeah if you don't if the model dong

hangout dropper you can use rule on it

okay put it outside and check float

inside so my slope line and it up mark

so before I usually pour the whole float

- that came first and then I asked the

new hole and they float inside let me go


you have to already done so I just

bought a new one

mm-hmm certainly one in that and get

filled up until you see almost on this

row and you stop him

all right I feel it up now I push

through back

close the vows

slow open the vows

all right for the pleading lies your

break pleading floor technically you

don't need to do that but I saw some

people just that it's open the vows and

then they fumble

20 times

that's it in a closed about that's not

it is I don't know I never done that

before but this time I do see it now

take one more time I don't know

FUS same time for me

that's it opps I hope this video can

help you guys to add or change the

hydraulic fluid on your floor track

alright bye