How To Fill A One Pound Propane Bottle - The Right Way and Save $$

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to me this is a lot easier some people

say it's wrong of course I guess I

should have disclosed you want to be in

a very open area not enclosed propane is

very dangerous had to say that right


hey what's up guys today I'm going to

show you how to fill up these small

one-pound or propane tanks it's really

easy I'm really shocked that everybody

doesn't know how to do this already I

had somebody asked me the other day how

do you do that I said I'd do a video for

you there's a lot of videos out there

there's a lot of misinformation there's

a lot of ways that they're doing it

right but it's harder I'm gonna show you

how I do it I feel it's an easier way to

do it

now these propane tanks there's two

different ones one comes with a metal

band on the bottom one comes with a

plastic all these I have here are

plastic except for one and these weigh

about one ounce more than the one with

the plastic so I'm just gonna take this

one out of my circulation so I don't get

it confused and these ones with a

plastic weigh about thirteen point two

ounces on the scale so what I would want

to do is with it full add 16 ounces of

that so that's going to be what about

twenty nine point four and when I fill

it up as long as like about 28 to 29 I'm

good so first of all you got to get you

one of these this is an adapter and it

goes right in the probe propane tank and

I use actually a little allen key to

purge mine and it just something that's

right at the top of that hole I have one

full here

in there to me this is a lot easier some

people say it's wrong

a lot of people will tell you to take a

hemostats why it's on the tanks and

purge it with the hemostats by pulling

this little Schrader valve the little

valve out now you can do that and it is

kind of simple but if you're gonna keep

I have some of these tanks probably a

year if I did it that way that notice

that I used to do it that way the

Schrader valve that little pin gets

stuck a lot and it wears out and leaks

so I don't want that so I started doing

a different way and I usually purge it

from the top here now let me show you

how I do it

I take take the adapter

I just want to thread it right on here

now these reverse thread so you want to

thread it backwards obviously and I'll

get mine good and tight because I'm

doing about 10 tanks maybe maybe 13 so

each time I tighten one down it's kind

of pushing on it so I don't want this

thing to loosen up on me so I'm gonna

get this good tight

and I'm gonna flip my propane bottle now

pushes all the gas to the bottom you get

my scale here started again a lot of

times I don't use the scale for the sake

of the video I do want to do it and do

it right now these things come in handy

as y'all know for your buddy heater

trying to keep warm your portable grills

and I use a lot for both so just screw

that right on there

and open the tank now you'll hear it if

you did not hear that on the video it's

filling right now I could hear it

hissing in there now I'm gonna do that

until I hear it stop hissing a lot of

people say leave it about 15 20 minutes

but I'll have a bottle done in about

maybe two or three minutes where's my

allen key so that thing stopped hissing

I'm just gonna go ahead and shut it off

and I'm gonna purge the air out of it

and do it all over again and I'll do

like cut about three times now I usually

do about one two three four five six

get some air out of it and I'll do it


again i'ma probably that one more time

and I'll put it on the scale and weigh


let's purge it one more time how much as

I usually do by my feel you can see how

close I get

let me let that go I can hear a hissing

just till I stop hearing a hissing again

now these adapters they sell they say

they have an automatic cutoff but they

I've never seen one really worked that

way so now the you guys that aren't

doing this you're spending a lot of

money I pay anywhere from $4 to $7 a

tank now you can't get them at Walmart a

pair for I think seven dollars but the

way I'm doing it now I paid the fill

this tank at tractor supplies usually

the cheapest I found and I pay usually

no more tractor supply to 50 gallons now

I've had it as cheap as a dollar 85

again a tractor supply seems like the

more I go east and east south the more

expensive it gets out west

propane seems to be cheaper now again

I'm gonna do it about 28 to 29 and I

have that exactly 29 and that was buy

fuel and that's usually how I do it but

if I'm gonna do a video I'm obviously

gonna show you the right way I don't

want y'all to make any mistakes and that

was done and I'm just gonna repeat the

process I'm gonna say my first year on

the road

I was buying these and throwing them

away I bet I was going through in the

wintertime because I use it all summer

too for my little portable grill but in

the wintertime I bet I'm going through

one or two of these a night if I'm in a

cold-weather and that's four to seven

dollars a day and that's just not


now I got about that about 29.9 that is

over full my what point five ounces now

to be safe I'll let a little bit out

usually I really wouldn't do that but I

would suggest you to because they say

it's dangerous

29 for I'm right right out of one pound


and I certainly don't want to bore y'all

with doing every one of these bottles on

video but it's taking me obviously about

maybe two to three minutes to do one


it's quick it's the way I learned how to

do it you don't have to put them in a

freezer you don't have to the other way

they people show you they take little

hemostats and they pull that thing and

again those things will wear out if you

keep doing

so I won't bore you watching me do


I'll get them done now get right back to



okay I'm doing my last one this should

be about finished

it might took me a whole 20 minutes to

do what I got here two four six eight

ten twelve bottles eleven bottles that

was good 29.1 now at 250 a pound I

probably saved about thirty five dollars

and it took me 15 minutes to do it I'm

gonna say 60 cents a bottle right around

60 65 cents it's costing me to fill them

this way now this little valve here I

don't know if I mentioned in the

beginning you can get it I think I got

this one a Harbor Freight for $12 you

get on Amazon probably even cheaper I'm

not sure but I'll put a link below so

y'all can check it out yeah guys that's

it was that easy I hope y'all like this

video hope you all learned something

even the ones that have been doing this

I hope you learned something maybe a

little different new a new way to do it

because I have found this over the years

to be the easiest way for me and thanks

for watching guys y'all hit that thumbs

up because that's how we roll