How To Easily Refill Your 1 lb Propane Bottle - Video

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Hey look what I got I know a lot of you

guys and girls out there already know

what this is for I'm going to show you

how easy this is to use how inexpensive

it is also a couple tips and tricks on

how to make this thing work better this

is gonna save you a pile of money watch

this yeah buddy welcome back to Steve

small language saloon again there's my

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it out when you get a chance

so these propane cylinders right here

use them for camp and use them for your

propane torches whatever this procedure

I'm going to show you right now works on

those it also works with those big tall

bottles that you see with a lot of

propane torches they're all called

one-pound bottles the reason they're

called one-pound bottles is because they

have one pound of propane in them the

propane is liquid these two tanks right

here are completely absolutely bone-dry

they don't have any liquid in them at

all there's barely any vapors left in

these things so I want to know how much

this thing weighs my local hardware

store a rental shop freeze and rentals

right here in Cedar British Columbia

Canada they were nice enough to let me

use their scale so I went and weighed

this I want to know what just the bottle

weighs look at this point eight nine of

a pound just under one pound is just

what the bottle weighs with no propane

in it I took some brand new ones right

off the shelf and weighed those look at

this a brand new one off the shelf is

one point nine four pounds so you can

see it has almost exactly one pound of

propane in it that's why they call it a

one pound propane model this one right


barbecue tank it's called a 20 pound

propane tank it has 20 pounds of propane

in it not including how much the tank

weighs so I have a link right underneath

this video in the description to where

to buy one

these things from when you check that

link out you're gonna see that the

manufacturer suggests they say right on

there they suggest that you put these

small ones in the freezer to cool them

off because propane is gonna transfer

between these two to fill these up

they're gonna transfer from the warm one

to the cold one so you just take this

little adapter right here you screw that

on nice and tight onto your propane tank

this one right here has been in our deep

freeze for about the same amount of time

12 hours I don't think you need to do

that for 12 hours maybe a couple hours

is gonna be good enough but I left them

overnight now you see that one on there

so the propane in your tank both these

tanks is liquid the liquids in the

bottom and up in the top is just vapors

so if we try to refill it just like this

obviously we're just gonna be filling

this up with fumes we don't want to do

that we want to fill this up with liquid


this one's warm this one's cold guess

what we got to do flip her right upside

down the whole thing upside down like

that now the liquids in the bottom it's

gonna fill this with liquid propane here

we go and you're gonna hear some hissing

listen to this we're gonna time how how

long it actually takes for the hissing

to stop because this is the hissing

stops that means it's full and we're

gonna check it here we go


the hissing just stopped that means that

the propane bottle is full now I know I

edited that close up in a little bit so

you didn't have to go through the whole

thing that took exactly 1 minute and 21

seconds from beginning to end now what

have we got to do just take that whole

thing flip it back up like that turn

your valve off don't forget to turn that

valve off and this is really important

you guys peepee you can use this stuff

to the whole procedure if you want to

but this is really critical you do this

at the end I'll show you why in a second

I'm putting my safety glasses on and my

leather gloves because when you undo

this it could spray propane out on you

in your face on your hands it might not

but here's what's important right here

you need to undo the bob the small

bottle first because if you unscrew it

off of the big bottle first then there's

no valve in between the small bottle in

that valve

you'll have propane shooting all over

the place so pull the small bat bottle

off first you'll hear a little pop

probably a little bit right there that's

normal that's heavy

that's heavy right there now you can

unscrew the adapter off of there and

you're all safe everything's ready to go

what a money-saving thing this is you

guys here I'll put it for you in a

nutshell right now where I live I buy

that off the shelf

nine dollars one pound of propane 20

pounds of propane in my barbecue tank i

refill that for $28 you all can do the

math on that one that is a huge money

saving thing guys I really hope you like

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for me I'm gonna just say Steve out