Learn How to Fill the DD 1351 2 Form Military Travel Voucher

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1351 - - is a Department of Defense form

used for travel vouchers for approved

travel expenses by military members this

voucher must be filled out in order for

reimbursement for travel expenses paid

out of the pocket of the military member

the DD form 1351 - - is available on the

Department of Defense documentation

website or can be supplied through the

chain of command the first step is to

fill in Box 1 indicating what type of

payment your voucher will be credited as

if you used a government travel charge

card you must indicate the split payment

that will be made to the card contractor

in boxes 2 through 11 you must provide

your personal information you will need

to put your name grade social security

number contact information as well as

the type of payment made for your travel

expenses in box 12 you must list all of

your dependents and indicate if they

accompanied you on your travel boxes 13

and 14 require you to further indicate

your dependents address as well as

whether any household good shipments are

included in your travel expense box 15

is to be used to document your travel

itinerary including the dates and mode

of all travel completed you must

indicate the travel costs of each

separate trip and the mileage of each

individual trip identify your mode of

transportation in boxes 16 and 17 you

may be reimbursed for mileage and fuel

if you supplied your own mode of

transportation boxes 18 and 19 are the

most important sections on the DD Form

1351 - - it is here that you will

itemize all expenses for which you will

be reimbursed include all meals and

other necessities that will be covered

by the Department of Defense if you are

unsure of a qualifying expense check

with the Department of Defense for

further help you must then certify the

form in box 20 and have any supervising

official signed box 21 after completing

the form you must attach receipts for

certain expenses that you are claiming

reimbursement you must attach receipts

for lodging expenses over $75

secretarial approval of travel if


and two copies of dependent Travel

Authorization if applicable along with

your original travel orders or

authorizations to watch more videos

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