How to fill out Form 1040X, Amended Tax Return

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hi this is John with PDF Tech's right

now we have form 1040x the amended u.s.

individual income tax return here on the

screen so we're going to spend a little

time seeing how this form works this is

the form that you would use if you made

some kind of mistake on your original

tax return your form 1040 and you needed

to fix that so I've already entered the

names Social Security numbers and

address for this this married filing

joint couple they also have one

dependent although that doesn't show on

on page 1 of 1040 X so let's go ahead

and see how this will work and we're

going to say that this is for year 2017

and I've already checked this box

married filing joint and then over here

we need to indicate whether they had

full health care coverage all year and

we're gonna say yes they did now let's

suppose that on their original return

they had one w2 and that's all they had

for income which was $75,000 so the

first thing we need to do is enter the

original amounts from the original tax

return and then we'll adjust those later

so we'll put $75,000 in here like that

and that carries over just to the

corrected column but we'll we're gonna

change that a little bit later when we

make some Corrections and then on line

two we need to enter their standard

deduction which for a married filing

joint return in 2017 is twelve thousand

seven hundred so put that there and then

with three exemptions one for each of

them and one for their dependent their

exemptions for 2017 is three times 4050

which is twelve thousand 150 like that

so now their taxable income on line 5

shows up as fifty thousand 150 and now

we need to

and our the tax and if you look in the

1040 instructions in the tax table

you'll see that the amount of tax on

50,000 150 is sixty five ninety four

there right there like that and then we

need to tell the IRS how that tax was

figured and the most common method and

the ones that these taxpayer used was

the tax table so we'll put that in there

like that no they also had some income

tax withheld on their w2 of 6800 so that

goes on line 12 and on their original

return they had a refund of 206 dollars

which right now anyway shows up on line

22 but we need to put that on line 18

the overpayment on the original return

of 206 so now their refund at least

right now is zero because they haven't

made any adjustments yet but we'll do

that now so like I said earlier they had

a w-2 form that they forgot to put on

their original return excuse me and the

amount of income on the w-2 the amount

of wages it's twelve thousand so put

that there like that and the standard

deduction doesn't change and the

exemptions don't change so their new

taxable amount is 60 to 150 now if we go

back in the tax table and look up the

amount of tax for 60 to 150 we can see

that that comes up to 83 94 whoops it's

83 94 but we want to put just the

increase and the increase is 1800 so the

new tax is 83 94 and that's still from

the tax table so we'll leave that alone

so there we go like that and however on

line 12 they also had some income tax

withheld on that new w-2 form of $2,000

right there so their total withholding

that was 8800 so we would expect that

since they're withholding increased by

two thousand and their tax increased by

eighteen hundred dollars the refund what

would be that they'd expect a refund of

$200 the difference between 2000 and

1800 and you can see that's exactly what

we have on line 22 that's the difference

between line 11 see on line 19 the

amount overpaid is $200 so when they

send in this tax return they will be

getting a refund of $200 that's how

that's how the 1040x works if you have

any questions about that please put that

in your comments below and thanks for