How to fill out IRS form 1040 for 2018

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hi this is John with PDF tax this is the

1040 for 2018 it has changed quite a bit

from 2017 so we're going to go through

this form and look at some of those

changes first we want to fill out the

name address and that sort of thing so

I'm going to use autohotkey to do that

just like this and that works pretty

well so we have a married couple and

they're going to file married joint so

we'll check that box right there and

they have full-year health care coverage

so they don't have to pay the obama care

tax and then we're going to say that

their three dependents qualify for the

child tax credit so that's how that


just like that now let's click right

here to go down to page two so we can

start entering some of our numbers and

will say that they have wages here on

line 1 of $35,000 and then we'll look

over here to see married filing jointly

has a standard deduction of $24,000 so

that goes on line 8 right here like that

and their taxable income on line 10 is

$11,000 and then if we look in the

instructions for 1040 will find the tax

on that is 1103 like that so next we

want to work on their credits and they

have a child tax credit

part of that is refundable and part of

that is non-refundable the

non-refundable part goes right here and

that is 1103 and so right now they don't

have any tax

next we want to go to schedule EIC so

we'll click right here and we're going

to use autohotkey again to fill this one

out so there's our information for

schedule EIC it looks just like that

and we'll go back here to page two and

the EIC amount works out to 41 82 which

goes right here and so right now anyway

they're showing a refund of 41 82 the

next thing we want to do is work on the

refundable part of that child tax credit

and we need to go to 88 12 to do that so

here it is on line one

they want the amount from line ten of

the child tax credit worksheet and that

is three dependents times two thousand

dollars or six thousand dollars so that

goes right there like that and on line

two they want the amount from 1040 line

twelve a which was the non-refundable

part of that credit and remember that

was 1103 so that goes there and line

three is the difference between those

two numbers which is 48 97 that goes

there and then line four is three

dependents times 1400 is 4200 right

there and then line five is the smaller

of three or four which is forty-two

hundred and nine six is the Earned

Income and you remember that was $35,000

wages that we put on 1040 and line 6b is

we don't have any non-taxable combat pay

so line seven

is the amount on line six a more than

2500 and the answer that is yes it is so

what we need to do is subtract 2500 from

6a and that is 32 509 8 we multiply line

7 by 15% so on line 8 we ended up with

4875 right there like that and then we

move down here and it says next on line

4 is the is the amount on line four is

forty two hundred or more and it is so

we'll check this box and then it says if

line eight is equal to or more than line

five skip part two so we're going to do

that and then we're going to enter the

amount from line 5 which is 4200 on line

15 right there 4200 and then we will go

back to page two of 1040 and we will put

our 4200 right there like that and then

the final thing we need to do is on line

16 we need to enter the amount withheld

from w2 which is 3000 dollars so they

end up with a refund of eleven thousand

three hundred eighty two which a worked

out pretty well for these taxpayers so

thanks for listening