Fill & Adjust Transmission Fluid Level- Ford Explorer 5R55S

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alright in order to fill it we're going

to need a nipple just like this this is

a Ford one they supply us threads into

that hole in the center where we took

that t30 drain plug out and it screws

into there and then you put a hose on

this end on this nipple end over here

and it's like up 3/8 I believe and then

you can put a suction gun on there and

push a fluid in or in my case I'm using

a trans fluff machine to fill it up

through the same opening here takes

about five quarts and then you can go

from there it's right around five quarts

for a pan drop like this alright so put

your nipple on there so we can fill it

make put your suction gun I like that

and pump the fluid into that alright

once you got five forts in there and

safest are to go ahead and start it let

it idle and come down here and keep

filling with your suction gun until it

starts filling out of its hole

take your septum that off


and you'll see a coming out like that in

a constant stream

that's good let it keep doing that until

the trans fluid temperature is around 80

to 120 degrees which is about I would

say eight and say five to ten minutes of

runtime and in ambient temperatures and

let it drain

this is why it's good to overfill then

it'll adjust by itself

Auto adjust to the right level the right

temperature and I'll show you what it

looks like when it's ready to be plugged

up at this point the trans temping it's

between eighty to a hundred Gries waves

dripping right now it's perfect perfect

level alright once the level set right

we can go ahead and put that drain plug

back in and tighten it up with your 230

and just snug it up there's no sealant

required on those threads