Step by Step How to Use the Capsu-Fill Capsule Filling Machine

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today I want to go through the entire

process of using the capsule fill

capsule filling machine i've got all the

parts laid out here and so just want to

go through all the steps so that you can

put together your own capsules so the

main part here is the body plate and

this is the part where we will place the

body of the capsule the capsule it has

two parts the body is the longer part

and the cap is the smaller part so first

step actually before the first step we

have the tamping tool which comes with

the handle the handle is not put

together out of the box so there's two

screws you'll need to put together here

I did this already just for the sake of

time for this video

but you will need to do that so the

first step here is to get the alignment

plate and place it on top of the body

plate there's four screws here and

there's four little indentations in the

in this tool they'll go right on top of

it to keep it securely in place so what

I did also beforehand I separated into

two separate bowls I've got the bodies

of the capsules in one and the caps and

the other so what I'm going to do I've

got about a hundred and twenty or so

capsules here I'm going to pour the

capsules into the plate here and there's

a little hole here so that you can let

them out at the end but you need to put

your hand over it as you're shaking

these to get them into the holes so

basically what I do just put my hand

over it here and I'm going to start

shaking this so that the capsules will

fall into the holes and fill up all 100

of the holes so I just kind of start

shaking it around up and down a little

bit get it moving back and forth and the

goal is to fill as many of these as you


so then at the end you might still have

a few to do by hand but we're just

trying to get as many of them in here as

we can now one option you have if you

prefer not to be shaking it around like

this is you can't actually do this

manually and put them in the holes one

by one but and that's just your

preference it might take a little longer

but at least you'll know that you've got

them in in all the holes so right now I

can see that I've got just about all the

holes filled so what I'm going to do now

is just holding the parts together still

but let all the extras fall down here

through the hole might need a little bit

of manual help here

okay so it looks like I filled all the

holes except for one now so I'm going to

go ahead and take this top plate off a

couple of them went in upside down and

so this has Springs on it the easiest

way to flip them over is to just press

down pull out the capsule that went in

upside down flip it around alright so

now I've got all of them filled okay so

that's the first step here now the next

thing we need to do is to put the spill

guard on top because our next step is to

put our powder into the bodies so I have


cinnamon and so today I'll be making

cinnamon capsules so I'm just gonna put

you don't have to put an exact amount in

the first time you do it I'm just gonna

put a good amount of powder in here to

start out with and I will then use the

spreading tool right here to spread and

just going to start spreading this into

all of the capsules once we get it in I

did not

put quite enough here to fill them so

I'm going to just put a little bit more

in and this is a process you can try to

get it exact but it doesn't need to be

you can fill these up multiple times

because we have the tamping plate that

we're going to use next and the tamping

plate we will put on here to tamp down

and get these capsules as full as

possible so we get the tamping plate you

get the little feet try to line line

them up with the holes in the capsules

and just kind of press down a little bit

and we'll now have more space to put

more cinnamon so I'll pour a little bit

more here and we will continue to fill

these and the spill guard helps you know

keep it from falling over the edges so

you can actually put a little bit more

if you prefer to do this in a few less

attempts than I'm doing here all right

got those full again so I'm going to

tamp these down one more time and we'll

do this one some more ok now this also

has a little space here on the side as

you can see so that we can pour the

excess out so I'm going to put this in

my extra Bowl here and the attempt here

is to try to make it as clean as

possible which is why we have the spill

guard on here that's a little optional

if you don't mind making a little bit of

a mess it takes a little bit longer with

this on here but at least it's a little

bit of a cleaner process okay

all right so we've got that so now we

are done with the spill guard here there

actually is a little bit more on here so

I'm going to clean this off as well just

take a couple more seconds okay so now

we need to put our caps on so this piece

is the cap plate and the smaller parts

we're going to put in here we're going

to do the same thing we did before so

we'll use the alignment plate put it on

top of the cap plate pour the caps in

here and then we will now shake this

around and get the capsule caps to go

into place now as you saw the previous

time there were a couple that went in

backwards I'm looking at this one right

now and it looks like I've got several

that have gone in backwards so we'll

have to go through the process here of

actually let's remove the excess here

that we've got okay and I see a couple

here that that did not fill in so I'm

going to manually fill those here okay

all right so I'm going to take the

alignment plate out now and there are a

few as I said that I've gotten in upside

down so I just will have to manually

flip these over and put them into place

correctly okay and our next step now is

to basically merge these two together to

do that we will use the merge plate the

merge plate has two indentations on one

side and so that side needs to be

face-up and we're going to put this down

on top of the cap plate to hold the caps

in place so with the caps in place now

we'll put our fingers here flip this

upside down the merge plate keeps them

in place and we're going to set this

directly on top of the body plate I get

on this one also we've got the holes and

these holes will line up with the screws

and so we'll put it right on top just

like this and now it's ready to clamp

them together and so to do that we're

going to press down we need to press

down pretty firmly do that from the

sides from the middle and go back and

forth you'll usually hear a snap so I'm

just gonna pick this up now and start

pressing down and I'll press on the

sides and we'll press in the middle and

I'm hearing some of them clamp down okay

so and again with a little bit of trial

and error you'll figure out how much

pressure you need as you go through the

process okay so once that's done I take

off the top cap plate and you will have

now your capsules that once you pick up

the merge plate they should stick in the

merge plate here and as you see they

have and what I like to do just to make

sure that they are put together and and

snapped in I'll just randomly pick a few

and push from both sides to make sure

that they've snapped together and all of

these it sounds like they have so at

this point you just want to have a bowl

or a plate or something and we will flip

it over and they should all come out and

there you go so now we have 100 full

capsules that's the process it's pretty

simple but that's what we do and so

hopefully that helps if you have any

questions you can send us an email or

reply in the comments and we will answer

any questions you have thank you