Quickly Fill Blank Cells in Excel with 0 - Excel Trick

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hello and welcome to this video tutorial


in this video we are going to look at

how to quickly fill

the blank cells of an excel table

blank cells can create issues

create some problems when working with

that data in excel

i have an example of that on screen and

i have decided

that i want to replace my blank cells

with a

zero in my example it's meant to


the pupil did not show for their exam

i'm going to replace that blank for zero

which is the score that they would would

have got anyway

and that would maybe make this

spreadsheet easier for me to work with

depending what i'm doing with it now

first thing i need to do is look at

selecting all the cells

that are blank and then figuring out a

way of putting a value in them

now i have a way of selecting all the

blank cells but excel will not let me do

when they're selected

is type in all of them at the same time

it will only type in what they call

active cell so what i'm going to begin

with is i'm going to type what i want in

one of the blank cells i have

so just up to zero here in cell e4

i'm then going to go and take a copy of


so i have a zero on my clipboard in my

excel memory

i'm then gonna highlight the range of

cells that i want excel to search for

blanks within

so i'm going to highlight columns b to e

in my

situation for yours you would select

whatever's necessary

i can then click on home find and select

on the end and go to special it's a

brilliant feature of excel

if you're seeing this for the first time

there's fantastic options like

selecting all the formulas on the sheet

or the cell to a formula

or all the cells for data validation

some really really useful stuff

i'm going to click on blanks in this

situation and click

ok and as you'd expect it and selects

all the cells that are blank and you can

see that it's done that

at this point i'm going to click my

paste button

or you can use your shortcut you can do

whatever you need to do to paste

and that will paste that zero into all

of the selected cells

i.e the blank ones

and that is that

i hope you enjoyed this video tutorial

and find it useful

please check out some of the other tips

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