Your Own Email Server : Part 3 (Fetch Mail From External Mail Server)

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welcome to G Entertainment this tutorial

is about making your own email server in

this tutorial I will be talking about

mail fetching capability of H mail

server it is an excellent alternative of

Linux fetch mail or get mail command

line utilities because it has graphical

user interface and integrated with H

mail server it download mail from

external email service such as Microsoft

Exchange online office 365 Gmail or any

other email server store mail and your

on-premises server and distribute mail

through pop3 or IMAP service to get

familiar with H mail server please view

my other video in this series and don't

forget to subscribe my channel it is

highly recommended log in to H mail

server select any user account under

domain then go to external account tab

here you can configure one or more

account to fetch emails from other mail

server give any names

click enable select pop3 Here I am

configuring my office 365 account you

can set up Gmail or any other pop3

account information here

tibe user ID and password click download

now to start fetching mail let's see it

is downloading mail or not mailbox size

is increasing that means it's working

you can be logged also to make it sure