How to Find Saved Wifi Password and Retrieve / Recover it on Android | Galaxy S9 / S10

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hi in this video we're going to take a

look at how you can find your safe

password and to recover or achieve the

password on your Android phone so what

I've got here is and I enjoy phone

running Android ten and here this one

here is the ghastly Galaxy s8 warning

and join nine so let's see how you can

do this so what we want to do first is

to go to the Wi-Fi connection so I'm

going to swipe down to open up the

notification panel and then tap on the

Settings icon then turn on connections

tap on Wi-Fi and then what you want to

do is tap on the Settings icon right

here next to the Wi-Fi that you are

connected to and then tap on QR code at

the bottom and this will display a QR

code so what you want to do now is to

take a screenshot so I'm going to press

on a power button and the volume down

key on the galaxy s 10 so just take a

screenshot on your device and I'm just

going to crop the image so I miss that

so I'm just gonna open up this one here

gallery and I'm just gonna edit and crop

the image so I'm just gonna crop the

image like that so now we just got the

QR code link only but we don't have the

password so what we're going to do is we

try to scan this code to get the

password so there are two ways how you

can do this so the first we're going to

open up the web browser and in the web

browser just type in QR code decoder and

then click on the link here so I'm just

going to use this one here is it sink

the Ock

so you can choose any other site that

he's providing the service to be caught

the QR code so I'm gonna choose on

choose file and then I'm going to go to

my files and I'm gonna choose images and

in swing shot and I'm going to tap on

that one day and tap on done and then

I'm going to choose submit

and now it has been decoded in this is

the password right here so you can see

it they cut the information of that QR

code file and the password is down here

is zero nine one five nine zero nine

nine so what we can do is I can go to

this phone here and I'm going to put in

the password and then let's try to

connect to the Wi-Fi and this is the

password right here so you can see it's

zero nine one five nine zero nine nine

and ten connect so that's one way how

you can we chief your Wi-Fi password see

now you can see now it is connected with

that Wi-Fi password so now what you can

do it is to just share that file so I'm

just gonna delete is Wi-Fi here I'm just

gonna forget it and I'm going to go back

home so this is the second white how you

can do it so again I'm going to tap it

home to the Wi-Fi icon this will quickly

take me to the Wi-Fi settings and I'm

going to tap on the Settings icon again

and tap on QR code and this time I can

use another device just scan the code so

I'm going to launch the camera app on

this device here and then I'm just gonna

scan it and then tap on that and then

over here tap on the eye icon and that

will also reveal the Wi-Fi password so

those are two different ways how you can

do it now if you don't happen to have

another phone available you can use QR

code decoder to decode this QR code that

has been generated from the system and

that's it so that's how you can we

achieve how we cover the safe Wi-Fi

password on your device thank you for

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