How to Find your WiFi Password Windows 10 WiFi Free and Easy [Tutorial]

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hello everyone how are you doing

this is mdtech here of another quick

tutorial in today's tutorial I'm show

you guys how to find your Wi-Fi password

in Windows 10 so this should be a pretty

straightforward tutorial and without

further ado let's jump right into it so

the first thing you're going to want to

do is go ahead and open up the Start

menu just love cool and Start button one

time and you want to type in control

panel best man should come back with a

control panel left click on that

now you want to make sure you buy up

here set the category and then left cord

one network and Internet

now you want to love cool and network

and sharing center now whatever your

connection type is over here on the

right should be clickable in my case is

this Ethernet it might say why find your

keys just gonna left click on that one

time again it should be underneath

whatever your internet is right room

generally circling once you saw today

you want to go ahead and left click on

the option that says properties so it

might be a wireless properties button as

well but well called properties since

its sound here and then you might love

called configure so since I'm on the

aether net I don't actually have a

wireless properties button but you're

just left home wireless properties

should be right next to details and then

a new window would open up should say

connection and security on the top there

should be two different times for that

you would left hole in the security tab

and then there should be a checkbox that

says show characters you would check

mark inside of that box and then it

would show whatever the network security

key is right above it so pretty

straightforward tutorial guys dubois

able to help you out and I do look

forward to catching you all in the next

tutorial goodbye