How to See Connected WiFi Password on Android Phones Without Root 2021 (4 Methods)

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are you connected to Wi-Fi on one device

but you need to know the password in

order to log in on another one Android

doesn't provide any official option to

find wireless password on Android phones

but by using some easy ways you can view

the Wi-Fi password in this video I will

show you all possible and working ways

that allows you to recover or show Wi-Fi

password on Android phones please note

that this method will only work if your

Android phone is connected to that

wireless network method one managed

router option on your Android phone go

to settings then tap on connections and

select Wi-Fi now select the Wi-Fi

network your phone is connected to tap

on manage router if you do not have the

managed router option then try the other

methods the login page of the router

will be opened here you have to enter

user ID and password for each router by

default user ID and password are given

like it meant and password you can find

a login details on the back of the

router when you sign into the router

just look for a wireless section and you

will find the password

please note that your router settings

will be different from mine depending on

your router brands

method to show wireless password on

Android using apps on Android there are

dozens of apps available to view or show

Wi-Fi password like Wi-Fi password key

Wi-Fi password recovery Wi-Fi password

show and many more you can try any of

these but most of these applications

require root access go to Play Store and

install router setup page tweak your

router router setup pages a very simple

app that allows you to find your router

webpage in which you can edit all the

available options select your router

brand then select the model to view the

default login details

after you sign in to the router just

look for wireless section and you will

find the password


method 3 view wireless password using

share password this is not any method or

app to show Wi-Fi password you can find

share Wi-Fi network option on many

Android devices I am using galaxy s 10

device and this option comes with most

Android phones running Android 9 and 10

if you are also using same then go to

settings then Wi-Fi and you will able to

see tap to share password option just

tap on it Wi-Fi to QR code is very

useful trick lets you share your Wi-Fi

connection with your friends family and

colleagues without telling your Wi-Fi

password now it will generate the QR

code now open QR code scanner and

secondary mobile and scan it you will

get the Wi-Fi name and password

information or take screenshot to the QR

code go to any website that decode the

QR code and you will see you the

passwords of the connected Wi-Fi



method for using IP address an Android


the one of following address on your

Android browser 192 168 1 1 or 192 168 0

1 now it will ask you username and

password luckily all wireless router

comes with default username and password

as I show you on method 1 you can find

the login details on the back of the

router after login settings page of your

wireless router will open go to wireless

then on wireless security here you can

see saved Wi-Fi password without rooting

your device these are the four working

methods to show wireless password on

Android without rooting your phone

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