UMANG App With Digilocker, Income Tax, Passport, CISF Services, and More | How to Get Started

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Oh Hmong or unified mobile application

for New Age governance is an all-in-one

mobile app offered by the Indian

government for accessing numerous

Central and state government related

services offered in multiple Indian

languages the app was launched last year

in November and includes services such

as EPA po services are high related

services tax payment related services

and so on

moreover the Hmong app can also be

accessed from other channels as well

such as the web SMS or IBR

so in this video we tell you how to get

around with the Hmong app on your smart



you'll first need to download the app

which is available for free on both

Android and iOS

once done open the app so now that you

have opened the app you'll get the

options to login using your mobile

number or Adha or you can even link your

Facebook Google or Twitter profiles just

to save some time but if you are a new

user you'll have to sign up for the app

to do that click on new user at the

bottom and enter your mobile number

after that you will receive an OTP and

the app will ask you to set an EM pin

this follow the prompts and keep going

now the app will ask for your other

number which you can link or you can

skip this step to move on to the profile

information page and once you are done

entering all the details click on save

and proceed and you'll be redirected to

the main home page of the app so at the

top you'll see a search bar and below

that are four tabs namely home which is

the main page showing your recently

viewed services the new and updated

services the top trending and top rated

services and suggested services second

is the favorites tab which consists of

the services that you would have marked

for quick access

then there's the all services tab which

shows the list of all the services

offered on the central level as well as

the state level and finally there's the

state tab which shows the state specific

services available you can even change

the state from the available options

other than this swiping from the left or

tapping the hamburger icon on the top

left shows you a list of options

in my profile you can add or edit your

personal information link your Aadhaar

if you didn't earlier and you even get

the option to permanently delete your

account next is the service directory

under which you'll find the list of the

services offered by among as well as

other services

then comes tiki locker which aims to

reduce the use of paper and to provide

any time and secure access to important

documents for that you'll first need to

create an account using your other card

now do note that your da

must be linked with your mobile number

in order for this to work

lastly there's the live chat option

which basically is for life customer


well the app gives users a host of new

government services at the palm of their

hands for example by going to the my

Panther says you can apply for a bank

card online or you can make a correction

to your existing fan cards then just say

you have queries regarding passport

related services just go to passport

saver and you will get options such as

locate your nearest passport Center P

calculator status tracker or even

checking your appointment availability

some other services such as pay your

income tax online is also there then

there's epi 4 which allows users access

to employ centric services where you can

check the nearest EPF or office or even

check your account details on SMS now as

we are talking about the services one of

the latest edition is TIFs or central

industrial security force so what it

does is that it allows air passengers to

track the status of their lost and found

items right from the app once you open

see iff you'll see three options from

the lost-and-found option users can

lodge a complaint of their misplaced

items and say if an icon is found by

someone then the user can also check the

contact information of the concerned

person then there's also an option to

track of complaint status by entering in

the complaint number finally there's a

consultancy option which lets the user

submit a form to get consultancy

regarding security solutions and lastly

if you just add that the umaña provides

a plethora of offline services through a

single unified online app so we hope you

found this helpful and if you did just

drop a comment below and hit the like

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