Select Even or Odd Rows From SQL Server Table (myLittleadmin)

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hello friends welcome to my channel this

is Sharon in this video I will show you

how to get even or odd rows from a table

I'm using the remote data as my little

admin for SQL Server of quadratic I'm

now going to connect the database of my

little admin after login to my GoDaddy

account right now I am in the databases

section here mssql click web admin

under the databases here the user

databases expanding here my host and

cell is my user database and expanding

to check the tables and that it tables

in this example I'm using the EMP table

open table and this EMP table contains

is data where ID and plenum and

observation now my aim is I want to get

only even rows from this table and

notice here in this EMP table that ID 2

and 4 is missing and one of my tutorial

I have user to delete those reports so

when I get that even rows from this

table you don't see two and four rows it

will start from six that the code is go

to tools make query click it and the

Select statement select star from EMP

wear and the EMP ID is tables the column


/ - is equals to zero submit

so here is the output displayed only the

even rows from a table as I told you it

doesn't display two and four are missing

and now I will show you how to get the

odd rows from EMP table required just

remove the zero instead of zero put one

Submit where it is the output it's only

selected one three five seven

odd numbers only from the table so if

you want to get the even numbers the ID

divided by two is equal to zero zero far

even numbers and one for the odd numbers

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