Can Google Gmail Contacts be imported into iPhone?

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Hey guys it's Eddie the Magic Monk. Welcome to another iPhone 6s plus

tutorial as you guys probably already know Android users usually have all

their contacts or their emails on Gmail so does that work with your iPhone well

if you go into mail you can see that Google is listed here so if you click

Google and then it'll actually start setting up your account okay so you just

sign in into your Google account and next and put in your password for Google

hope I still remember my password and then you've got your email Gmail set up

and just turn on make sure you turn on everything here so Gmail syncs with your

apps for your contacts your calendars your email save and the account is added

ok so once that's added what happens is you get your email from this app so you

can just click the mail app and you can see all your Google emails and then you

can also go into your phone app now and you should be able to see your contacts

show up ok it's still loading and still loading your contacts so hopefully it'll

show up soon so these are all your contacts from Gmail and when you add a

contact it'll also automatically sync to your

contacts which is awesome ok and then when you go to your calendar you can

also see that's their calendar to access your location why not and then you can

also see that your Google Calendar events are now appearing ok if you go to

your monthly view you can see there are a lot of previous events that are

showing up okay so hopefully I have given you guys

enough information to get started on your iPhone 6s plus I look forward to

sharing more stuff with you later on see you guys next time.