How To Fetch Emails Into Gmail From Another Email Account

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hello this is Jennifer Bailey and in

this video I'm going to show you how to

increase your productivity with your

email so at the moment I have several

email addresses which I have to log into

different accounts to check so what I've

decided to do and as you can see by this

particular inbox I haven't really

organized it in there's emails

everywhere so I'm on this mission to

organize my email and therefore increase

my productivity so my first step is to

transfer all my emails from my BT

internet account which is the same as

Yahoo into one gmail account so I can

filter and I can manage my emails much

more effectively because at the moment

is time to get unmanageable so we need

to do in order to do this is you need to

come up to the gear in the top right

hand side of your Gmail account and

click on the drop down list and click on

settings you now need to go to accounts

and then add a pop3 mail account you own

and here you need to put in your email

address then click next step and then

you need to enter in your password you

can then you'll then see that the pop

information is automatically entered

into the correct places you can choose

to leave a copy of the retrieve message

on the server if you wish to do so I'm

just going to check that and it will

label incoming messages if you wish so

you'll know which ones come from which

email address so I'm going to check that

but that may change the label title

later on and you can also choose to

archive incoming messages but I've I've

left that unchecked then click Add


it also now asks you if you'd like to be

able to send email from this alternative

email address and I'm gonna leave that

as a yes for now but I'm a will change

it later on then we'll click the next

step and I once it's Jennifer Bailey and

the email address that's fine so click

next step I'm gonna leave that I like

the easy way to set things up so I'm

gonna leave that one hour sent through

Gmail and click next step and now what

they want to do is a verification that I

actually owned this email address so

click vent send a verification and now I

should have a verification code in my BT

internet account so I'm going to go to

there now and just refresh the mail and

you can either verify it by clicking on

the link or by copying the confirmation

code so I'm just going to highlight the

confirmation code control C on my

keyboard and then I'm going to go into

here and control V on my keyboard to put

it into the box and click verify so now

it has Jennifer S Bailey as one of my

email addresses as well as the Jennifer

Bailey at Gmail there and you can change

which is the default one and also

checking other messages so it's

basically fetched 200 messages from my

BT internet account so now if I go back

to my Inbox

you will see that the the messages have

been brought across have now got a

different labels that's labeled at the

moment as my BT internet mail I don't

particularly like that label so what I'm

going to do is I'm going to come into

more emails and come down to Jennifer s

Bailey and click Edit and I can change

that there to BT Internet which is much

shorter and neater and click Save and

now you'll find that all of the messages

that come from my BT internet account

have got that label on them now

obviously in this video I've showed you

how to do it with BT internet and those

settings now I found a really handy

website which I'll show you and it's

called red stamp mail.com

and here I've basically followed their

instructions on how to import my mailbox

my BT internet mailbox into gmail but

what you can choose to do is click

Change here next to BT Internet and it

gives you all of the other

configurations for all the other types

of internet providers email providers so

you can change your own I'm Jennifer

Bailey and I hope you enjoyed the video

thank you for watching