Set iPhone Emails & Accounts to Fetch Data Via Push Or Fetch | iOS 13

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how'd you sit emails and accounts to

fetch new data through push our fetch on

your iPhone running iOS 13 now first

let's go back to your home screen by

swiping up at the bottom then tap on the

Settings icon and next we want to talk

on password and accounts then in here

tap on fetch new data on top you can

turn off push if you want to use fetch

so if you turn on push then your iPhone

can either use push or frige depending

on the settings of each app there you

can see down here Gmail Yahoo using a

fetch methods whereas iCloud and our

look is used using a push method now the

difference between push and fetch is

that for push new data will be pushed to

your iPhone from the server as soon as

possible so using push there is a

constant checking between your phone in

this server so your phone will

constantly ask the server to see if

there's any new data is there any new

data is there any new data so if there

is then your phone will get the latest

data for example I click you can see out

looking will constantly check on the

server to see if this in a new email

coming in as soon as there is a new

email it will get pushed to your iPhone

immediately whereas switch it doesn't

check constantly rather it will check on

the server for new data on a pure

periodic time so for example you can set

automatic you can set menu hourly every

30 minutes every 15 minutes so if you

choose every 15 minutes then the app

will check on the server every 50 much

15 minutes to see if there is any new

data if you choose our lives and it will

check every once in one hour and if you

choose automatic then your phone can try

to fetch new data on the background when

your phone is connected to power in

Wi-Fi so instead of constantly checking

for new data on a server fetch will

check base on a September you set it to


for example 15 estimates and that can

help save the power on the device

because we're not constantly checking on

the server to see if there's any new

data so that's how you can change so

here you can see that our look have

pushed but you can also go in here and

set it to fetch or menu so if menu is

like this I can we only be check for

updates with the application isn't used

another word when you open up the I look

up then it will check that you see if

there's any new data otherwise your

phone will not notify you it will not

tell you that you have a new email and

where such if you said such 250 minutes

then every 50 minutes if check it will

check you see if there is any new email

if there is then the phone will notify

you that there is a new email in every

15 minutes and then you can choose her

push and so that's it and finally you

can simply swipe up to go back to your

home screen thank you for watching this

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