How to fetch data from Zoho Creator on user input

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so the purpose of this video is to

provide a complete example on how to

fetch data from one table into another

in SoHo creator so the first thing that

we're going to do is create a new table

so just for the sake of an example we're

going to have visitors in our data and

then we're going to create a new tab

about the visitor

we want to know its name and then let's

do an email quick email there and just a

phone number then we're going to create

a form an additional form and let's call

this appointments

and I'll just create it under the tab

visitors so that both tables are within

the same place and for appointments we

want to pick a visitor so we drag a

lookup field did you see how I chose the

lookup field and then we're going to

name it visitor and we're going to

select it from the table visitor and

we're going to bring the name of that

particular visitor I can actually add

visitors from within this form we select

that option there we can also sort the

visitors on a political order and for

now this should be enough but let's say

that in addition to the visitor

obviously we want to have a date for the

appointment but we also need the email

of this particular visitors so that

we're able to send him a note or

something like that when when we request

the appointment so for the purpose of

this example we're going to limit it to

the email option only and now you have

two options you can either type the

email of the visitor every time you

create an appointment or we can

automatically pull that information from

the other table every time you select a

visitor so let's create some examples

here let's go to visitors form then I'm

gonna input a few examples here so let's

do Joe Blow email Joe Blow at

hotmail.com this actually might be a

real so don't send anybody okay so got

your blow then

sulo email CeeLo at gmail.com and we

have phone number so now we have if we

go to the visitors view there are our

two records the ones that we captured so

now we're going to link that information

and this is the objective of of this

video so you're going to go to visitor

and you want the system to create an

action on your input so you go to

actions when user input and then you're

going to go to script builder form

format and the first thing that we need

to know to do is actually fetch the

records and we're going to call those

visitors because we're pulling the

visitor data from the visitors table

into the appointments table and then

we're going to select them from the

sitter's form and we want the name of

the visitor to be equal to the visitor

input field that you just selected so

this is the key to link the information

so this will pull the information about

the visitor that you just selected on

the form view and then what we need to

do is set a variable name which in this

case is going to be the email of the

visitor and we were going to go to

collections to get the information about

the visitors that we just fetched and

assign the email so visitors email will

be the new email name for it and that's

it we just click Save go to the

appointments table

and every time you select a new visitor

the system will automatically populate

the email for you if you got to sue B

now sue blow is you know address appears

in there so I hope this exemplifies the

way how you can fetch deck records from

one table to another in so cocreator

good luck