Create Sub Collections in Shopify and Connect them to Navigation Menus

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this is kevin king with pinehearst

websites and this tutorial is going to

be on creating a sub collection and then

creating a navigation menu so in this

example we've got a collection called

goat's milk soap and we're gonna break

this down into sub collections and then

create some navigation menus so I've

actually already made one for the men's

collection that is a goat's milk soap

for men so I will also put that

underneath goat milk soap I'm gonna have

another menu that pops out and we're

gonna have from the garden and men and

several other collections but I'm just

going to create one right here to show

how this collection is made so what

we're gonna do is we're gonna go into

the goat's milk soap and I just searched

it to bring up all the goat's milk so in

here and I'm gonna make a small

collection based on tags so this one is

going to be from the garden so anything

that would be from the garden

will go into this collection so we'll go

with lavender for instance we go in

there let's see if we can find a few

here cucumber you're probably go in

there eucalyptus Fraser Fir


and lavender and lemongrass and lilac

so what I want to do is I want to give

these a specific tag so that they can go

into this collection so I'm going to add

tags and tags are case-sensitive so make

sure they're always the same so I'm

going to add these tags to these

products and then I'm going to go over

to collections and create a collection

and when I go down to my conditions I'm

going to use that product tag is equal

to from the garden and I'm also going to

add another tag because I just want goat

milk soap so I'm using that it has to

meet all conditions so I'm going to go

product tag it's also equal to goat's

milk so which I've already tagged all of

these items goat's milk so so they'll

automatically bring these items into the

collection so these are all the items

that I just tagged so now I have a


I need to go to my navigation menu which

is going to be under this online store

we're gonna go to products or not to

products the online store and then to

navigation and we're gonna go over to

create a new menu that is going to come

up under the goats milk soap on the main

menu so we need to name it exactly the

same as it is on this main menu which is

goat's milk so with an apostrophe so

we're just going to add a menu so and

we're gonna put our items and we're

gonna connect this this name can be

anything but it has to connect to that

exact collection which is from the

garden we're gonna add another menu item

which is going to be the items that are

for the men

which I've already made this collection

so now when I save that menu it's gonna

bring up a new menu when I reload the

page I should now see so I haven't

reloaded the page yet but I have no

pop-out it just has ghost milk so but

when I reload the page that new

navigation menu should be under shop and

I've got goat's milk so from the garden

for the man in your life and I can

continue to add more collections just by

creating collections like we just did

with tags and then I can connect them

through the navigation menu and just

bring up those items so that's how it's

done and you can find more tutorials at

pinehearst websites dot-com thanks for

tuning it