PHP: Storing/Viewing Images Stored In A database (BLOB Data Type)top 5 records in sql

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I'm a psycho - video I will show you how

to use the blob data type to store

images in a database and then I'm going

to also show you how to retrieve that

image from a database and to be shown on

a page so what I want to first show you

is the database first of all and this is

a database structure I've just got a a

table well a database craft tutorial

yours will be called whatever and the

table name is called blob yours might be

called images are something a man in

this I've got an ID which is auto

increment and a primary key and I've got

the name which is varchar' and thirty

characters long and the image which is

of a data type of blob okay so here is

the page I've just have a simple or poor

form here which and doesn't benefit at

the moment provides go to the code and

his code it's just basically a farm that

palm that comes back on itself and

obviously the egg type because we're

dealing with files and the file import

card image and just a submit button okay

so now onto some code so some PHP in

here one one first day is do it quick

and check to see if the submit button

has been pressed so if is set dollar

underscore post submit and I want to do

is connect to database and so you would


and have this in an external file but

just for the purpose of this tutorial

I'm just going to leave it here but you

would normally do something like a

require and DBC OPP or connect or

something like that and but I'm going to

stick with this just for this tutorial

so um route 27

okay and the database was called

tutorial I think and yeah I think it was

tutorial and so now what we want to do

is get the image name so we can put this

at database so my skeletons got real

underscore escaping anything that goes

into a database or is queried are you

query a database and basically put some

protection mandate which MySQL real

escape string does provide some

protection from my own objection and so

I'm going to do it dalton's go files

image and the name if you're not too

familiar with file uploading and the

Dalton scoff files files variable and

the first an array in that is called the

image which is called what we called it

or PR in the file upload and we called

the name image there so that's what goes

in there and the name is another array

within the image array so it's a

multi-dimensional array and the name is

basically the name if you do print

underscore R and then put in that dollar

underscore files with justing image in

there then you will get another load of

arrays within that array and and you can

see we're never get name from I'm not

going to show you that and so now well

that gets name so now we're going to get

the image data

and so my Skelton's go I'm starting

store files image and a mini dtmp and

store name in that and that's basically

the TMP and the tempering name was given

money store in tempe director and but

first but around this so around the mask

wants go string we need the file and

let's go get content because this one

i'll get the content of the file and so

basically if you've got a text file with

say hello world in there and this will

and the image data will then return

hello world because we're dealing with

an image it will get basically the image

data and we can so if I'd say if I just

echo out now image data and now I'm come

back here

refresh page and upload a file so if

I'll upload this we get a lot of rubbish

up here because this is basically the

image but HTML or the yeah HTML and it

doesn't really know how to interpret

images or image data into an image so we

after then give it a header in PHP later

on to actually tell the browser this is

an image and show it and okay so that's

basically that just ignore that jargon

for now that's that's working and that's

perfect fine and so now what we need to

do is get the image type smith up a bit

image type and and that is basically i

squat squat real I'm Scott

escape drink again and in here we need

dollar and score files image and type

now this will basically tell us if or

what type it is so basically what we can

do is if if so best yeah it's basically

sort of string and so we can pick out

what we want from the string so if we do

image type in here and then basically if

we put 0 and 5 and this will pick out

the first five characters of this string

which if if it is an image it will be

image so we can then put equals image

and then echo and working code here else

echo on the images are allowed this is

just a just a quick check basically and

what on this enough at least I'm a :

it's basically if we just test this out

now and so if I just refresh the page as

you can see we get working code because

this file I selected was an image if I

choose something that's not an image so

say and this text document click upload

we get only images are allowed because

it is not an image so that's basically

just a quick check so now what we can do

here if if it is an image we can now

insert the image into the database so

MySQL underscore query

inserts into a blood bicarb database by

the table aperture and values I have

three now the first one was in the ID

that's altering Koreans who can leave

that second Muslim name so image name

and the third was the image so image

data can go in there and so that's all

good to go

so if I just refresh will save this

knockout and if I choose a image upload

as you see it's uploaded fine what you

could do there is put say an echo to say

image uploaded slightly and and if we go

to the database and there's the image

being put into the database there and so

now what we need to do is size will show

this image so to actually show an image

and I basically got an empty PHP

document here which is called show image

PHP and now basically you need nothing

in this apart from PHP code like I've

got here so as you see in HTML we've got

all this HTML and crap a bowl for the

top and basically all this needs to be

is nothing but pure PHP and otherwise

this will not work properly and so first

we need to do is connect to database so

I'm going to copy this over here just to

give it a title

to save at a time okay and first of all

we need to get an ID and the ID remember

real is

a shrink and dollar underscore get ID to

avoid you passing and ma get variable to

this page and so basically what you

could do as a soft check again just make

sure everything goes smoothly and if is

set dollar underscore get ID and then

put your code inside here and else you

could just echo out the error or

something I don't know and because you

do need this ID in a get variable so if

we get variable is not letting you

you're gonna come up with an error basic

latter a PHP error so you can lashes

catch in here with us so you don't get

any nasty errors and so now it's going

to create query variable here which

actually just queries the database for

the image so my scones got a query so

select all wrong blob and we're ID is

equal to the ID that was passed and so

now we can just get this Dayton

rawrr equal you could probably use the

masculine score result function for this

as in you're only going to be getting

one like just the image but this is just

the way I prefer to get data from a

database using a while loop and I'm the

mouse valve fetch associative array

function okay so in this we need the

image data from the database so that's

from the rope and

an image image and filled in there so

now what we need to do now is header and

this basically content - its height

image for / jpg this basically tells the

browser now that this this page um is an

image basic class so that's why we need

nothing else in this apart from and just

pure PHP basically so using this you see

how we've got JPEG here so obviously if

you've got a page PNG or gif or whatever

of an image file in the database then it

will not be shown

so maybe what you can do is when

uploading and get to the type salt like

what we did before but start different

and get these file extension of the file

and then upload that to the database as

well and then when retrieving it here

you can then just put something like

image type in there get the image type

and then just probably image type in a

variable here and to actually say to the

to actually make it more dynamic because

at the moment only we've had called

adjust JPEGs to be allowed so that's one

then you could think of is making it

dynamic for other images okay so now all

we need to do is echo out the image to

data and that should be good to go so

now if we just so basically we don't

touch this page we don't actually

navigate to this page in the browser if

you know if you want to view through the

image basically anywhere on a page so if

I just come out down here and we're not

there I'm here for example and if you

want to actually view an image basically

you have to get get the idea of the

image first so and then what you do is

in image in

image tag basically I do is put show

images or the name of that page showing

mr. pitch P and then the ID and the ID

of the image goes in here so thinking I

was it was was it was it six I'm not too

sure we'll see so you find out so now if

we just refresh this page will not

submit in refresh we get this image up

here now alpha scientist daddy wrong

here and I'm just have a check and it

was actually seven in the database so if

I just change this to seven and then

refresh we should now where we refresh

we should see the image obviously we

don't like resend they've got there's

the image they're being shown up there

and that's basically how to store images

as blob and then retrieve it from the

database and and show it in a browser so

basically this show image show image

page shall we get a rough because and no

idea is in that if we point ID of 797

there as you see the image shows up but

this is based clean just no sauced

you can't view any size because there's

no source code of an image if nothing

basically what this does is converts the

page into an image of no I mean so when

you sort of see in the URL at the top

here like the image name JPEG this is

basically what it's doing in in a way

it's just not showing it as JPEG in the

URL okay so I hope this helps and thanks

for watching and I will see you next