6 Tips To Overcome Open Water Fears | Steps To Beat Race Day Swimming Panic

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- Fear has helped the human race to progress

to where we are now.

And knowing when to protect ourselves from danger

is obviously essential.

But when fear becomes irrational

it's not an advantage to our safety

and in a sporting context

it's not going to benefit our performance.

- Yeah and it actually makes absolutely no difference

whether you're a weaker, novice swimmer,

or someone on the opposite end of the spectrum,

who perhaps is swam their entire life

and perhaps even competitively.

This fear of the open water

and swimming in the open water it not rational

and it is quite hard to understand really.

So actually there's some specific techniques

and some coping mechanisms that can really help us to

enjoy this experience of open water a little bit more.

Which, we've got a number which we're going to