The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it) - Mikael Cho

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Palms sweaty,

heart racing,

stomach in knots.

You can't cry for help.

Not only is your throat too tight to breathe,

but it'd be so embarrassing.

No, you aren't being stalked by a monster,

you're speaking in public,

a fate some deem worse than death.

See, when you're dead, you feel nothing;

at a podium, you feel stage fright.

But at some point we've all had to communicate

in front of people,

so you have to try and overcome it.

To start, understand what stage fright is.

Humans, social animals that we are,

are wired to worry about reputation.

Public speaking can threaten it.

Before a speech, you fret,

"What if people think I'm awful and I'm an idiot?"

That fear of being seen as an awful idiot