Overcoming a Fear of Snakes in 3 Minutes

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just regulate breathe that's it now we

got a legitimate fear breathe breathe

it's okay no no just breathe you don't

have to run breathe get keep breathing

keep breathing d no no deep deep deep

deep breaths deep breaths deep breaths

please don't poke me in the face that's

gonna really freak her out

that's it keep breathing take a deep

breath close your eyes I'm not gonna

come near you I'm gonna step away I'm

gonna step all the way over here okay I

want you to close your eyes take a deep

breath okay now I want you to picture in

your mind what is it you see when you

see a snake okay and I want you to start

playing can you see it now can you see

that picture okay what I want you to do

is I want you to turn the brightness

down and to see what happens just turn

the brightness down so it's starting to