Owning Alone: conquering your fear of being solo: Teresa Rodriguez at TEDxWilmington

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good afternoon well I married a

beautiful tall blond Australian man in a

courthouse outside of San Francisco it

was an interesting event it was short

and it was sweet but we did plan to

return shortly after our marriage we

moved to Australia I packed up my life

in San Francisco and I hauled it across

the world there we plan to return after

a year to plan the big white wedding

everything a girl dreams of and sure

enough we did return well at least I

returned back to San Francisco to plan

our big white wedding there it all

started the wedding dresses the cake the

bridesmaids and the day that I picked

out my dress I'll never forget it was

the 80s it had big shoulders it was

fabulous well I went home to celebrate

my find and there I found a letter from

my beloved I was so excited this was