What is the Best Direction and Position to Sleep In? - Sadhguru

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Meditator: I have a question from a recent past,

which is why do our heads not face north,

when we’re lying down.

It’s like the monkeys, it’s been staying on…

Sadhguru: So, you accept the evolutionary process the way it is.

So why shouldn’t you put your head to the north.


you know there’s a North Pole and a South Pole,

this means these are the magnetic centers

and you also know the whole land masses,

whole continents have been slowly being pulled towards the north, they have been travelling, you know this?

But at least you know geologically, the whole landmasses have been travelling.

Why the Himalayas is the.., whatever we are seeing the Himalayan mountain ranges, that Manasarovar,

you will find sea shells in Manasarovar because at some point, it was at main sea level.

Today, it is at 15,600 feet.

So, what transported this lake bed,

which was at sea level to this place, is the whole Indian subcontinent is crashing

into the central Asian plate and this is why the Himalayan mountains are still continuing to grow.

This is just piling up, it’s just a crash.

You have seen cars piling up, just like that, India is crashing.

Every year India is losing about 1.23 centimeters or so, I am not perfect on the number,