How to gain weight on face particular? - Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

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this is nutritionist Sushma jaiswal I

have a rich experience of working in the

field of nutrition for last 30 years

including in whu-oh and UNDP and now I

work at Swati nutrition in Bangalore

well face gain will be shown in the

whole body and not only on the face oh

it's a bathing pieces I think is oozing

all over your body divided equally on

all the body parts and it's if you start

putting on weight then it would show

like maybe in two to three months time

it will show some some weight gain and

especially on your face so you have to

eat again healthy food this is normally

small when the people don't have much

appetite and also they can take more so

and I mean they are overall lean so

again I mean I would suggest iron

supplement for them because eating iron