How To Wash Your Face Properly | Daily Skincare Routine For Flawless Skin | Be Beautiful

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hi guys i'm Lamia today's video might

surprise you a little I'm going to share

with you some tips on how to wash your

face the right way yeah sounds pretty

basic right

but cleansing your face is pretty much

the foundation for your entire skincare

routine so stay tuned as I show you how

it's done now I was super honest with

you guys I am very inconsistent when it

comes to washing my face

I either over cleanse it or under

cleanse it without knowing what's best

to do but after thorough research years

for a pound since I have a normal skin

type the recommended frequency of

cleansing is twice a day once in the

morning and once in the knife but if

you're someone who sweats a lot or have

you know are very actively it's good to

cleanse an additional time to get rid of