Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable | Harlan Cohen | TEDxUrsulineCollege

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thank you so much my name is Harlan

Cowan and I get painfully uncomfortable

socially and emotionally I worry about

what people are thinking and I want to

be liked I also remember being single

and that was really painful I was and I

still am afraid of rejection and I know

because I've spoken on over 400 campuses

and talked to hundreds of thousands of

students that I'm not alone and I also

know this because I'm a syndicated

advice columnist I've been writing my

column for 20 years people sharing their

deepest darkest secrets with me and I

know that we all share uncomfortable so

what I've learned is that there are two

types of people in the world there are

those who fight the uncomfortable and

those who can face the uncomfortable

those who fight the uncomfortable

they're always hating hiding and blaming