How to Deal With a Toxic Boss (and a Toxic Work Environment)

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About a year and half ago I published a video about a Toxic Boss and an unhealthy working

environment and I promise, I never expected the received reaction.

80 thousand views and counting, hundreds of comments, messages and emails.

Messages of gratitude, but also a cry for help, asking for a further advice on “how

to deal with a toxic manager”, something which I could not ignore.

For those who turned in for the first time, I am Marat from EMMOTION - myemmotion.com,

HR and Career Services Agency, look me up on LinkedIn.

Sharing my experience related to a toxic boss and to a toxic work environment made me realize

that it is a huge issue.

That I wasn’t alone at all!

Thousands of employees suffer a bully boss and consequently the toxic energy they are

surrounded with at work.

There are not many actual help strategies or helpful advice on this subject.

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In today’s corporate world, we need to learn how to block the negative energies, no matter

who or where they come from.

To do our best to prevent the toxic management and their toxicity from affecting our health

and peace of mind.

But how?