The Rejection Myth: How to Overcome Fear of Rejection

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I spent all this time teaching people

how to share their voice with the world

you know market their personal brand get

their story out about who they are and

what they want to accomplish in life and

one of things that really surprised me

when I started doing this almost 10

years ago now was how many people would

come up to me and say but the Brendan

how do you deal with rejection and these

were often adults which really blew my

mind because I was a really young guy

back then and it'd be you know 45 55 65

year old folks saying well Brenda I you

know how do you deal with rejection I

thought what do you mean and there would

be this insecurity in their voices they

asked that question I thought wait

you're an adult and still struggling

with ideas about rejection I think

that's really unfortunate and I think it