7 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking

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she's a senior producer and reporter an

entertainment city but she's here with

us today to get rid of our fear about

public speaking okay I threw this out to

the audience before you even got here

like who is deathly afraid of public

speaking put up your hand see this is

the norm this is what we're seeing

everywhere we see it you know across

gender across race the socioeconomic

whatever people don't want to speak in

front of an audience know people are

terrified of it to the point that some

people rank it and maybe some of you

folks rank it higher than the fear of

death so we're gonna try bring that down

all yesterday okay should not be scarier

than death right so but I think that one

of the things is people are afraid to

fail at it and the overriding concern is

that people think I should just be able