My 40 Days - facing the fear of failure | Caleb Meakins | TEDxAstonUniversity

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thank you so when I came to finish

school I really didn't know what I

wanted to do like many people and my

father was a civil engineer so it made

sense to go study civil engineering so I

decided that I would enroll in

Loughborough University and do civil

engineering at Loughborough but the

thing that I worked out whilst I was at

Loughborough was I had ideas upon ideas

upon ideas and one of these ideas I

submitted to the to the university's

business school they had an annual

competition so I submitted it and I won

the social enterprise award which was

some funding and support to bring an

idea to life so I decided as University

comes to an end this is what I'm going

to go on to do I'm going to bring my

idea to life so everybody at the end as

they're reaching the end of uni says I'm