How To Use Face Tapes | Lucy Garland

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hi guys welcome back to my channel

through social come back I really

appreciate so i'm risk all a few weeks

ago I bought these face tapes that I've

been wanting to get for quite a while

but I just found them on Amazon of

course they only link down below so I

bought them just to try them out and

I've been doing a lot of looks with them

on my Instagram and a lot of you guys

been requesting for me to do a video

just on how you applied them put them on

and then how you cover them with

foundation and just how you kind of use

them so I just thought I'd come on here

very quickly it's very easy and just

show you guys how to do it so again he's

gonna be loose down below but basically

what you get there you get is you get

these like little contraptions so you've

got one end it's got a elastic on this