Cosplay Face Tape Tutorial

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hi everyone I'm Micah today I'm gonna

run through really quickly how I apply a

stamp for cosplay this is a super

requested video so hopefully this can

help you if you're interested in

starting to do this with your cosplay so

the first thing you need to do is you

need to clean your face off I have some

makeup and just oil all over my face so

removing that is gonna be a good step so

now that we are nice and clean we're

gonna put our peplum I like wearing

these netted ones but then I always wear

a second week cap over it this is to

prevent the tape from sticking to my

hair because it hurts to remove it so I

actually put one of these pantyhose kind

right on top so a tip I recommend if you

are going to JA tape and you're going to

do this frequently is to actually shave

off your sideburns getting tape stuck in