GIMP Tutorial: Put Someone's Face on an Object

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this is Nick with logos like Nick comm

and in today's tutorial I'll be

demonstrating how you can take someone's

face and superimpose it onto an

inanimate object using and at any

point in this tutorial you could look

down at the bottom left hand side of my

screen to see which mouse clicks and

keystrokes amusing and both of the

images I'll be using for this tutorial

are linked in the description of the

video in case you'd like to follow along

so the first thing we'll do is we'll

open up the image of the oranges so I'm

going to right click that and go to open

with and there's our oranges and

then we're going to open up the image of

the angry face open with so that

should be opened in a separate tab and

what we're going to do with this is

we're going to right click this layer