How to Face Swap With Celebrities on Snapchat

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whatup snapchat fam on this video I'm

going to show you how DJ Khaled can take

over your snapchat account snapchat just

recently rolled out a new update in

which you can do face swaps directly

within snapchat pulling photos from your

camera roll

in fact with snapchats latest update

anyone can take over your snapchat

account let me show you so this right

here is my iPhone the first thing that

you are going to do is open up snapchat

make sure you have the camera pointed

towards yourself as you can see that is

me right there and then tap on the

screen to activate lenses then you are

going to scroll over to face swaps and

here I already have a few in place you

can see this is Steve Jobs check that

out this is me as Steve Jobs friends

have mike tyson check that out face