How To Face Swap With Any Picture In Your Camera Roll - Snapchat Tutorial

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hey guys and welcome back to another

technology guru video so I have a fun

little tip for you today snapchat just

recently released in the past week a way

to now if they swap with any picture in

your camera roll so as you see here you

just go ahead and hold down on the

screen like you normally would when you

are applying a filter and then if you

scroll all the way over to the right

you're going to see one that has a

purple circle and it has a camera and

then a little emoji face icon this is

going to be the one you want to pick

where you can go ahead and browse

through your camera roll as you see that

I'm doing here and face swap with any

face on your camera roll now the fun

part about this is that any picture you

have in your camera roll where it can

detect a face it will do that and zoom