How to Deal with Stubborn People & Get Them to Listen

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how to deal with stubborn people they're

everywhere and they will get on your

nerves and they'll drive you nuts and

when you deal with them sometimes you

respond in a way that's not really you

do you ever feel like that

I do they just get under your skin and

then you snap back and you think you

mean what did I do that well if you want

to stop doing that and this video is for

you I'm going to show you not only how

to be true to yourself when you're

dealing with stubborn people but how to

actually navigate that relationship so

that everybody ends up happy at the end

and how to have fun while you're doing

it if you want to turn dealing with

stubborn people into a game we are about

to get ready to play guild coaching more

success less stress

hey there I'm dr. Jayne Mims with guild