How to solve a social problem: Rosanne Haggerty at TEDxAmherstCollege

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well my most important teacher when it

comes to social innovation and

disruptive innovation was an 80 year old

homeless woman named Sarah who lived on

the streets of Times Square it's about

15 years ago that we had just completed

what I thought was a project that was

the definitive solution to homelessness

we turned an old hotel into a beautiful

housing program for formerly homeless

people including low-income working

people and right in the building we had

social workers and mental health workers

and a clinic everything someone would

need to put their lives back on track

and the building had turned out

beautifully the tenants were thriving we

were winning awards we've just been

featured on 60 minutes and then I got a

call from Bellevue Hospital there's a

social worker there and in her office